Pumpkin Аnd Carob Brownie, Vegan, Gluten Free


Fast, light, smelling brownie with strong pumpkin taste. With a crust outside and inside wet, wet, wet brownie.
The pumpkin smell and carob fulfill great!
Preparation time 5 minutes, baking 70 minutes.

500 g raw, peeled pumpkin
130 g flour (I used rice flour)
100 g dates* pitted
50 g carob** (cocoa)
50 g coconut oil (cow butter or olive oil)

If you want, you can add walnuts, after the mixture is ready. I think that it will be greatly crunchy with whole walnuts. You can add cinnamon and a pinch of ginger. During the summer I tried ice cream prepared of cocoa, cocoa butter, cinnamon and ginger, it was so delicious that I ate it every day on my vacation.

* Because I don’t eat white sugar, my sweet taste has changed. With this amount of dates, the brownie was pleasant sweet for me, but not too sweet. For guests who eat ordinary desserts, you can use 200-250 g dates, no need to change the other ingredients.

** Kids don’t have to eat too much cocoa. You can use a mixture of cocoa and carob. I made my brownie with carob, which only looks like cocoa because it’s dark, but definitely don’t taste like cocoa. Carob replace cocoa only to to it’s look, but not taste.

In a food processor process the pumpkin while it becomes to small peaces. Add the dates and process again. In the end add the carob. flour and the last is the fat.

Pumpkin and carob brownie, vegan, gluten free 2

Line the pan 29х10 cm (10.5х4 inches) with baking paper and bake the brownie for 70 minutes at (160 C) 320 upper and lower wire. If you bake it in a bigger pan, it would be less wet.

Treat yourself!

Pumpkin and carob brownie, vegan, gluten free 3

You can eat this kind of treats and be in best shape 🙂
You just have to train 20-30 minutes per day and eat the right amount of food for you.

Email me just three words “I want change“, and we start working on your lifestyle change. My email is: change@fitnessrum.com


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