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By Rumi Ilieva, 45 years Young, certified fitness instructor

Irresistibly delicious vegan recipes for people who want to eat healthy. This lean menu can make even a complete skeptic longing for vegetables. The recipes are easy to make and they will fascinate everyone who has tried them, no matter if he is a vegan or not. Test the Vegan menu on your friends and watch their amazed finger-licking reactions!

You get a bonus to the menu – online workouts in two levels: beginner and advanced!

If you try to workout with me once, you would probably continue forever. If you are not interested in exercising, then don’t risk reading down. But If you are secretly longing to start, then see what I’ve got for you. You would feel happy and satisfied for taking care of yourself, for preparing your food and exercising short but effective.


This vegan menu will help you eat more vegetables and get in shape!

🙂 You want to eat more vegetables because they are nutritious and good for you, but

you don’t like their taste – you have delicious recipes and a menu to follow willingly 🙂

🙂 You want to get in shape – you have hundreds of effective workouts and you can choose only the ones that are the most fun for you 🙂

The rule I follow at home is that at least one of the meals for the day should be only plant-based with lots of vegetables!

Plant foods are extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. At the same time they are often deficient in the modern people’s extremely fast-paced lifestyle. That’s why over the years I have developed a habit to have at least one lean and rich in vegetables meal for the day.

After hundreds of experiments with a variety of foods and combinations, I discovered exactly which vegan recipes are delicious. I often share that the recipe was lean only after we’ve finished eating and the reaction was finger-licking good.

My requirements about the food are very high!
It has to be not only healthy, but also superbly delicious.

I have a gift to invent something out of nothing in the kitchen and to combine different tastes and products in a non-traditional way. And the end result always melts in your mouth. I have the confidence to cook simply and quickly, and at the same time my dishes are culinary masterpieces, approved and liked even by pretentious people.

I love international cuisine, and when we travel, part of the fun is going to restaurants. I love trying new flavors and combinations of products. And I always think about how any dish can be transformed into one that contains a lot of vegetables, because they bring health.

As a result of my experiences, I created a menu, because I want to show you how you can eat incredibly delicious recipes which include only plant-based products, enriched with many seasonal vegetables, because the taste and the health are equally important!

You can lose weight by simply eating and exercising according to a plan.
No wondering and hesitation, because you have your menu and workouts that are easy to follow.

Vegan meals do not include only bread, potatoes and rice. You can eat culinary masterpieces that will spoil your palate and pump you up with a lot of energy and valuable substances.

Cooking usually takes me up to 30-40 minutes. Sometimes I cook in larger quantities and because I use a lot of vegetables and spices, which give flavor and aroma, the food is tempting and on the next day. Sometimes I like to eat yesterday’s dish cold and sometimes warm, and it’s like you are eating two different dishes, because the flavor is so different. It took me a while and a lot of experiments to figure out how to prepare the food to be appetizing the next day too.

In the last 3 years I have completed dozens of fitness and fitness recovery courses and trainings, because you deserve a world-class product.

Gorgeous, you can have all of these interesting workouts and vegan recipes, which I have adapted for you! You would know what workout to do and what to cook every day, and exactly how long it will take you to do it! You can feed your family with delicious and healthy finger-licking good meals that are incredible and on the next day. You can plan your day so that you have more time for yourself and the people you love.

I created a program that helps others including you!:

Plan your weekly menu in minutes.
Shop more efficiently, without wandering in the supermarket aimlessly.
Serve interesting and incredibly delicious dinner, without the stress of not knowing what to cook.
Cook less often because the food is great the next day too
Feed your family with healthy finger-licking good meals.
Teach the whole family to eat a lot of vegetables effortlessly and imperceptibly.
Save you time and money
And last but not least, you are in shape all year-round without doing anything more than eating deliciously and exercising when and where you have the opportunity

What do you get?

33 incredibly delicious recipes divided into three sections: traditional main dishes, snacks + sweet temptations, main dishes, adapted to keep you in shape all year-round + Bonus 4-months workout plan.

Workout plan

Access to workout programs in two levels: beginner and advanced.

Meal plan
Monthly menu with * calculated 400-kcal, 500-kcal and 600-kcal recipes
Each recipe has protein, carbohydrate and fat nutritional information
How to make your own menu so that you can eat whatever you want
How to cook for the whole family and at the same time get in shape or keep the shape you have achieved already
Information on how to include your favorite foods in the menu

*The recipes on the menu include only plant-based products. The menu is perfectly suitable for people on fast, vegans and all the people who want to increase the amount of plant-based foods in their daily menu.

Term and conditions
All the content is online, and you have access to it from a laptop and phone connected to the internet. You log in with a username and password. You have access to the content six months after activating the program. The menu is approved by Dr. Maria Rusinova, dietitian. You get a bonus: Access to workout programs in two levels: beginner and advanced.

What is not included?
Individual consultations
Downloading the workout videos


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