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You don’t have to eat broccoli and chicken to get in shape!
You don’t have to work out for hours to be fit!


By Rumi Ilieva

I’m a certified fitness instructor, mother, business lady, and typical Bulgarian woman with 100 things on my mind at any given time.

I was constantly in a hurry and always late for the gym. On top of that, I was hungry (because I hadn’t planned what to eat) and nervous (because I was hungry and late, again).

That is, until I discovered I could train at home and eat whatever I wanted! It changed my life completely. I was no longer stressed out and late. Instead, I was free of hunger and happy with life. As a bonus, I was more confident, healthier and absolutely radiant. I will be honest with you: When I took care to look good on the outside, I felt better on the inside. Emotions affected my appearance and made me more attractive. My confidence is contagious, and it affects others.


I’ve helped over 10,000 women turn regular exercise into a habit and to prepare delicious food without standing at the stove for hours.
Being beautiful is an innate aspiration. You eat every day and maybe you train, but I want to show you how to eat in a way that saves time and money. It will also allow you to be full and happy at the same time. Plus, if you have a family, you’ll learn how to cook for everyone at home at the same time. I want to show you how you can be as fit as in your wildest dreams with home workouts that last 20 minutes, 5 times a week.

As a result of my experiences, I created a program that helps others – including you!

Know what workout you do every day and exactly how long it will take you to warm up and stretch.
Plan the weekly menu in minutes.
Shop more efficiently without wandering the supermarket aimlessly.
Serve dinner without the stress of not knowing what to cook.
Feed your family with delicious and healthy finger-licking good meals.
Save time and money.
And last but not least, you are in shape all year-round, without doing anything more than eat deliciously and exercising when and where you have the opportunity.

A program that will change your life!

When I started working with clients, I did not know training and nutrition led to such positive changes, not only in appearance but also in relationships. And I didn’t know that was true for everyone.

There was such a difference in the self-confidence, tone and mood of my customers between the first letter they wrote to me, requesting a customized meal plan, and the last letters where they told me about their progress. It was like they were from different people!

And it wasn’t just about the weight loss. They shared how they had been promoted or had even changed jobs for a better one. They were self-confident, and this was visible in their posture, walk and overall appearance. They told me how much their partner’s attitude toward them had changed as they began to take care of their bodies. In my opinion, it wasn’t only because they became slimmer, but because they started to respect their body and themselves. They saved money and avoided impulsive purchases because they didn’t need retail therapy anymore. Regular exercise, even for 20 minutes a day, reduces stress like nothing else!

When you take care of yourself regularly, you radiate such confidence that no dress or procedure can give you. I offer you a complete program that will teach you how to prepare your food, train regularly and become confident in your strength as a woman!

What you eat does matter!

Food is responsible for 80% of your results.
How you look is a result of 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.
If eating is not a pleasant process, it won’t become a way of life.
You don’t need to stop consuming carbs or fats to get results.
It’s important to create a healthy connection with your food as you get in shape.
If you do not have a cooking plan, you will not eat according to your own goals.
Working out is important, but it can’t burn everything you’ve eaten.
What you eat relates not only to your appearance, but also to your health, and especially your mental health.

A Lifetime Program

I offer you a complete program designed to teach you how to prepare your food, how to train regularly and how to build confidence in your own strength!

What do you get?

Workout plan
Access to workout programs in two levels: beginner and advanced

Meal plan
Monthly menu with calculated 400-kcal, 500-kcal and 600-kcal recipes
Each recipe has protein, carbohydrate and fat nutritional information
How to make your own menu so that you can eat whatever you want
How to cook for the whole family and get in shape at the same time
Information on how to include your favorite foods in the menu

Program benefits
You know what workout you will do today, tomorrow and the whole month ahead.
You won’t wonder “What should I cook today?” You have ready-made recipes to choose from.
You can plan your shopping for a week and save time.
You eat, you workout and enjoy your life.
You start eating more vegetables effortlessly and imperceptibly.
If you want to lose weight, you cook for the whole family and you are not “on a diet”.
The menu even includes room for wine, beer and cocktails 🙂

Terms and conditions
All the content is online, and you have access to it from a laptop and phone connected to the internet. You log in with a username and password. You have access to the content six months after activating the program.

What is not included?
Individual consultations
Downloading the videos


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