Pizza with chickpea flour, without eggs


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This pizza is so easy and delicious, I love such recipes! 😋I want an excellent end result without hours spent in the kitchen – this is my thing! 😜 In this recipe, you can’t feel the specific taste of the chickpea flour.  There are no eggs as well, it’s suitable for vegans or during fasting (by skipping the cheese). The pizza was liked by people who are not fans of non-standard recipes 🙂 I try to test my recipes among a wide range of people, so I get valuable feedback 🙂


100 g chickpea flour

200 g / ml water

10 g olive oil

50 g cheese (you can skip it if you do not eat dairy products or fast at the moment)




onion (optional)

arugula / basil

1 tbsp. tomato sauce


cumin, coriander (optional)


Mix the chickpea flour with salt and spices, pour the water, add olive oil, mix well and leave everything for about 15 minutes to rest. You will obtain a very “liquid” dough. Don’t be scared, this is exactly the “dough” with chickpea flour should be, because it hardens a lot while baking. Pour the mixture into a low-sided tray lined with baking paper. Place the pizza in a preheated at 180 degree oven for about 5-10 minutes to harden. Then take it out and spread the tomato sauce / paste, put the mushrooms cut into thin crescents (and / or other vegetables of your choice) and sprinkle the cheese. If you do not eat dairy, skip it. The pizza is great without it 🙂 Bake shortly, until you get a  golden crust and the mushrooms soften. Once you remove it  from the oven, add chopped olives, arugula / basil and cherry tomatoes 🙂 Mmmmmm!

Approximate nutritional value with yellow cheese according to

Kcal 685

Protein 36.6 g

Carbohydrates 64.8 g

Fat 30.6 g

Approximate nutritional value without yellow cheese according to

Kcal 475

Protein 22.4 g

Carbohydrates 57.8 g

Fat 16.7 g

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