Pesto Genovese: reduces stress and helps being in a good shape


Hey, Gorgeous ❤️

today’s recipe is very tasty and very useful. I’ve come up with a budget option, but I also give you the original one.

This recipe will indirectly help you to lose weight, because the basil acts as an adaptogen and reduces stress. When we are under stress, the hormones which prevent weight loss are released.

In order to reduce the chronic stress, we can do two things: to eat homemade pesto Genovese and get some sleep.

The main ingredient in this pesto is the fresh basil, which has many health benefits and indirectly helps to be in good shape.

I dedicate today’s recipe to a friend who can’t sleep, wakes up at night and to all the followers who suffer from adrenal fatigue.

Eat pesto every day, sleep well, make every day walk in the sun and after sunset don’t expose yourself to a blue light (choose dim light, yellow-orange lighting) and the adrenal fatigue will disappear.

Gorgeous, would  you like to eat homemade pesto Genovese and get in shape with an individual menu from Rumi? Just email me with three words “I want a change”.

100 g of fresh basil leaves
60 g olive oil (I use cold pressed)
40 g sunflower seeds (in the original recipe cedar nuts)
40 g yellow cheese (in the original version with Pecorino cheese or Parmesan)/vegan option cashew “cheese”
15 g freshly squeezed lemon juice
Himalayan salt to taste

Put all the products in a blender and blend to the consistency you like. Very easy, quick, tasty and useful 🙂

This pesto is not very durable, because there are no preservatives. It can stay up to 3 days in a refrigerator. Keep it in a jar with a lid. It can change its color and gets dark from the contact with the air, so don’t worry if it happens.

The products above are as little as possible.  Depends on the blender if it can spin with smaller quantities.

Ideas how to eat this pesto

I like it most with tomatoes 🙂 I put 1 tblsp apple cider vinegar (which also indirectly helps being in a good shape, because it assists digestion) and a lot from the pesto. I mix and get a very beautiful green dressing for my tomatoes.

You can spread it on a slice of bread and  tomato on top. Or you can add it to a pasta (you may use gluten free, as well).

With scrambled eggs and tomatoes again 😊
With chickpeas: I soak dry chickpeas overnight and then cook them for 80-90 minutes on slow heat and add tomatooooes 🙂

Nutrition values:
In 100 g there are approximately 340 kcal.

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