4 Ingredients Peanut/Almond Butter Cookies


Great, flavoring, easy and quick cookies. They are soft, not crunchy. The peanuts flavor is strong and delicious, for these who like peanuts. You can use almond/hazelnut butter instead of peanut butter in the same quality. You can also use pumpkin seed butter – you will have totally different cookies depending what butter you use.



200 g peanut butter (peanuts, I made the butter myself)
2 eggs
250 g dates (the cookies are so sweet, you can use less dates)
100 g flour* (I used rice flour, it can be any)
Vanilla or other aroma of your choice (cocoa, cinnamon, orange/lemon peels)

**I think that the cookies will be great also without the flour and you can skip it. Instead of flour, you can use 50 g shredded coconut.


Process the peanuts while they become butter in the food processor with S blade. Depending on your food processor it will take you 1-2 or 20 minutes. Transfer them in a bowl. Don’t wash the food processor, process the eggs + dates, and in the end add the peanut butter. Add vanilla or any flavor you want. Mix all with a fork and add the flour. Again mix with a fork.

Spoon the batter and with wet hands make balls and flatten the cookies. Make decoration with a fork (put the fork in water before that). Put the fork stamp twice, crossed – the sign of the peanut cookies 🙂

Bake at 180C (350F) for 8 minutes in preheated oven. These cookies are soft, not crunchy. This is how the quick baked look like:


I tried to bake some at 150C (300F) for 20 minutes to dry and get crunchy. But they don’t get crunchy they are just rigid. This is how they look like:


I like more the ones that are baked short at higher degrees.

I didn’t prepare these cookies for me and that’s why I added much dates and they are extremely sweet.


Treat yourself!

If you want to be in the best shape of your life eating this kind of treats, write to me just 3 words “I want change” 🙂 My email change@fitnessrum.com

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