Overnight Oats With Apple Puree, Walnuts, Raisins And Superfoods


Gorgeous <3 I often make myself overnight oats.


2 small apples or as much as you want
20 g gluten free oat flakes
30 g walnuts (or other nuts/seeds)
A little bit of lemon or just lemon juice

Spices to taste

Fresh or powdered ginger

The spices I chose add an amazing taste, they complement each other and in the same time have great health benefits. I use spices (super foods) a lot, which really benefit my health. In this case, the turmeric is added mainly for its usefulness and in very small amount. The cinnamon and ginger go very well together.


I used a blender to puree the apples and 1/8 of a lemon (I removed the seeds and peel) and as much ginger as I can take 🙂 . The lemon stabilizes the apples’ color so they don’t turn brown. It’s also good to have lemons, it adds a bit of sourness so there are 3 advantages from it.

After that, I pour the apple puree in a bowl (I used Weck jar, they are extremely handy jars, I have them in 4 sizes. They also have sealing and clips if you need it to be tightly closed. In my case, I didn’t use the seal and clips.).


I add the cinnamon and turmeric, mix them well and add the oats, walnuts (crush them with my fingers) and the raisins.


I mix everything well and leave it in the fridge. On the next morning I have a breakfast.


The whole preparation takes less than 5 minutes and I can have my breakfast right away, whenever I want to.

With these amounts, the overnight oatmeal is about 480 kcal, 9 g proteins, 22 g fat, 75 g carbs, and 12 g fibers.

I also need to point out that my way of eating is carb oriented for several reasons.

Carbs give me energy, I don’t feel sleepy afterwards, I don’t want to lie down, I want to get up and jump right into working, to work out, to make art. I always combine them with a lot of fibers, just because I eat carbs in their natural state and not extracted (white sugar, for example; I am careful with honey and the amount I have, and I also have it very rarely). I’ve done a lot of experiments and this way of eating definitely fits me and I feel good.

I recently took 2 genetic tests which showed that I and saturated fats don’t get along well, which confirms my personal experiments and food choices.

I have to write more in details about these genetic test, because they can save you 10 years of experiments, but on the other hand, it’s a serious investment (around 400-450 euro ($500) per test). I don’t think everyone needs to take this kind of test, but this is what I do and I was curious to see if I’m on the right path. You can also establish the individual preferences of your body for energy by trial and error.

Enjoy your meal 🙂


Would you like a cooking plan which includes only the foods you like? I will prepare your menu after I ask you many questions 🙂 . Write to me and we start your change 🙂 My email: change@fitnessrum.com

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