Oatmeal Cinnamon Chilly Cookies


A great replacement of the store bought cookies. I think that children will also like them – write me in the comments below, if children like the cookies, I really want to know. These cookies are really quickly and easy to be prepared. Quickly and easy – I love to cook that way.


Who would like to buy cookies from the store, when you can prepare delicious cookies in 10 minutes without preservatives and no necessary additions?

I add the nuts instead of fat. When I don’t want to eat olive oil or butter, I use the fat from it’s origin – nuts, avocado, olives. I adore olive oil and butter, but they are extract, i.e. it’s not their natural form.


But I add olive oil to my salad, because I like it. I.E. I have rules and exceptions. I share it, because when people start to look after the food they eat, they go to extremes. This is normal, everyone gets through this period.


When rules get too much for you, find an exception that is good for you. Over the time, you will make your eating so clean, and you will find more and more exceptions that work for you.


Rules working for you means to be in good health, to feel awesome, to be happy with the food you eat, and not to think for the cans and can’ts. I see in my clients letters, that the time you need to change your thinking is about an year. During this time, you test many things – you put boundaries, you feel happy, you are desperate… In the end, you realize that you need something you can do forever 🙂


100 g oatmeal
100 g hazelnuts (you can use sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds or any other nuts you want)
15 dates (about 120-150 g without pits)
200 ml water
cinnamon as much as you want (or cocoa powder or both of them)
3 pinches chilly (you can miss it. I wanted chilly cookies, and they are deliciously chilly)


Process the hazelnuts in a food processor but don’t make them like flour. Add the water, dates, cinnamon also the chilly. Process the ingredients while the dates dissolve in the water. In the end add the oatmeal and process until all water is absorbed.


Scoop the dough onto the baking tray and make little balls. Press them so they become cookies. Bake for 50 minutes at 150C (300F) upper and lower oven with fan. You can eat the cookies warm or cold.

You can put the dough in the baking tray, flatten it with a spoon and bake it all. After it’s ready, cut it to squares.


Treat yourself!

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