Not Your Usual Arm Workout Functional Arms Exercises 25 Minute Home Training Level 2


For new readers: this workout is a part of the weekly programs. Do the programs, not random workouts. Rumi has combined the workouts in a special way in the programs.

If you want to loose weight or to shape up your body, you have to not only train with a program, but also to eat the right amount of food for you.

If this workout is easy for you, try the more challenging version.

3 rounds
1. Jump lunge ALT – 10
2. Ballerina squat with dumbbells – 10
3. Wide push up – 10
4. Supinated row LEFT arm– 10
5. Diamond push up – 10
6. Supinated push up RIGHT arm – 10
7. Push off + torso raise – 10
8. Upper back ALT – side and up raise – 10
9. Bent knee V sit – 10
10. Low-high plank – 10
11. Scissors jump – 50

Which exercise challenged you most? How many rounds did you do?

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