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Hey, Gorgeous 🙂

Today I meet you with a young and purposeful lady who recently became a mother. I admire her perseverance and desire for a change!
Nicole swept away the breadsticks and the candies and without hesitation threw herself into the adventure called “Change”. 😊
This faith and desire are so inspiring!

That’s right, if you want a change, you change something. Because by doing the same things as before and postponing for tomorrow, Monday, the next month, we are in the same situation, the one we don’t like and we want to change 🙂
In the meantime, we build up a sense of frustration, pile up clothes that don’t fit us and sigh at something that is at our fingertips 🙂 In fact, that thing is even closer because the desire for change is in our heads 🙂
I’m waiting for your “I want a change” to breathe life into these words and to start acting together 🙂 See what the lifestyle change program includes :))

“My name is Nicole, I am 26 years old and I have a 4 month old daughter. Before I got pregnant, I was 53 kg, 169 cm. I’ve always watched what I eat, because as a child I was chubby and had a tendency to gain weight, but in puberty I lost weight on my own. In 2012 I went to the USA for the first time, but even before I left, I had gained 6-7 kg, which bothered me a lot.

While I was there, a friend told me that she was working out online with a woman called Rumyana, she followed one of the meal plans from the website and for 1 month she took off weight and tightened up. I immediately checked the website and found Rumi Ilieva. I read all of her articles in one go, saw all of her workouts, did some of them, and while I was in the USA, I didn’t gain weight, I even lost some.

So, I kept my weight for 5 years until 2017, when I got pregnant and I was sure I would gain a lot, because I just know that I tend to gain weight. On the other hand, I didn’t want to deprive myself of food, because I was afraid of harming the baby. While I was pregnant, I wrote to Rumi and told her that I’m pregnant and I’m afraid of becoming a hippopotamus 😊 and if she could make me a personal meal plan? She replied that she is not doing that for pregnant women, but she directed me to a special training program for pregnant women. So, 9 months from day 1 to last, I did this workout every day and I knew that when I gave birth, she would be my savior.

So, in 9 months I gained the modest 22 kg and gained 74 kg. The baby was not the biggest, and when I left the hospital, I had lost only 4 kg. I gained everywhere – butt, muffin top, belly, what a belly. I was desperate. Absolutely nothing fitted me. Exactly 1 month after the birth I wrote an email to Rumi for help and I IMMEDIATELY received an answer and she assured me that I will get my previous body back and she will be by my side until I achieve it. The moment I got the meal plan, I threw away all my favorite breadsticks, chocolates filled with caramel and started. Every day I got up before the baby and did the training, had a meal plan for the day and when to cook it, as I didn’t want to do something wrong.

I loved the fact that absolutely everything I like to eat was included in my personal meal plan and that in every moment something new came to my mind, Rumi told me how to include it in the plan in order not to spoil it.

I will not lie to you, in the beginning, it was difficult for me. I felt clumsy and big as a ball. But I was so motivated and strict, and I knew that if Rumi said I would succeed, then I would succeed. 😊Come to your own conclusions about how much confidence this woman has given me. When I had moments of weight loss plateau, I immediately wrote to Rumi, I complained desperately that this week I did not lose not a cm or a kilo, but she has always motivated me and made me BELIEVE in myself and that the results will be obvious soon.

At some point I opened the black garbage bag where I stored all my clothes from before. The ones that definitely didn’t fit me and when I started to put them on one by one, I couldn’t believe it – I cried out of happiness. They fitted me again.

The truth is that I was really strict, I had 20 minutes less sleep so that I could get up to train QUIETLY before the baby woke up. But I felt energetic.
Thank you, Rumi, for making me feel sexy, energetic and healthy again!”

Email me only 3 words “I want a change” and we start acting! Your favorite clothes are waiting for you in the bag 🙂 It’s time to take them out 🙂

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