Mira’s Change


Hi, Gorgeous 🙂 How are you? The holidays passed and it is time to get in shape 🙂
I will motivate you with Mira this time, who has awesome transformation for 6 months!

Mira begins her story backwards 🙂 This is a great approach – imagine the end of every beginning and change the beginning so that you enjoy the end!

If you want to see yourself at the end, start now sending me e-mail with just 3 words ”I Want Change” and we start together. Take a look what individual program includes.

I leave you with Mira’s story now 🙂

I think when you have an ambition of achieving something, you must have a vision, a clear picture in your head what the final result will be. That is why I will start my story backwards.
I’ll tell you who I am today. Then I’ll tell you how I got here, to set a clear goal in front of you and then draw a path to achieving it!

Today I am a woman with a great body. Every dress I wear suits me. I don’t have cellulite, or at least not visible. I have tight legs that look amazing in dress or skirt.
I have an embossed back that shows every drop of sweat and every effort I’ve put to get here. I have an ass that even I look in the mirror! Most importantly! The most important is last – I have health! I have body that doesn’t get sick, body that endures. I have consciousness which doesn’t overeat and doesn’t trample my soul with food. I have strength and speed I’ve never had before!
I have balance inside me! At every meal! Food is a pleasure, not a fight for quantity. Does it sound incredible? Poetic? Impossible? Exaggerated?! Maybe it is. But let me tell you how I got here, to see that it wasn’t so romantic. There was a clear goal and a solution, a correct approach and consistency!

I’m 30, my name is Mira. Nice to meet you! After 15 years of searching, I found what I was looking for. And RUMI showed me how. RUMI directed me. RUMI kept me on the right path. RUMI was there for me!

December 2015 I had two children, digestive problems with lazy intestines, constipation and constant gas, which degraded my quality of life every day. I was constantly conducting a dialogue with myself about everything that’s right or wrong for the diet and what the child Mira (that fluffy and complex girl) wants to do with the food (frankly to stuff with it)!

I read a lot. Eating and sports are my hobby. I know a lot, but this knowledge only helped me not to eat low quality food and to be an egghead when the topic of eating is present. It never helped me to achieve health, in spirit and body.
I have been eating healthy and have been doing sports since 2008. I’ve tried a lot of diets and a lot of sports. But I was able to keep a diet not more than a week. Why? Are not all advertisements persuaded me that everything has to happen so quickly? I’ve also tried a lot of sports, but no one really grabbed me! I did not have the physics, the speed and the power I always wanted!
In December 2015, I was already sick and tired of everything! I was clearly aware of the fact that if I don’t do anything now, I will never do!
I was still nursing my second child, so I decided to try an unpaid Millennium Menu from Rumi’s website (because it was not so strict). The results were not late. They were tiny, but they were still there. 2 months – 4 kg. I didn’t know then that I could use a measuring tape. Now the scales are not my criteria. My weight can vary between 1-3 kg during the day. This is not objective at all. At least not for me. But there was a difference and it was visible. And this first-time success made me go back to my old habits first once, then twice and then every day!

Then I realized I had to write to Rumi. I chose her because I saw the results of her clients, I saw her smile, her positive attitude, her opinion on many issues, and the naturally incredible physics she has. She was my type and the journey with her started.
It was filled with “Yeah!” moments – those with a light above you. Just like in cartoons 🙂

As you know, she prepares an individual menu with the food you love! It was so with my menu, too. She warned me that I had to measure the food. That didn’t bother me at first.
When I first opened the menu ready to prepare the breakfast, I measured the food. This was the first, “Yeah” moment 🙂 Thousands of questions came into my mind:
How could I’ve eaten so much?
Have I overeat at every meal?
How can I eat so little?
How can I have energy (I have low blood pressure) without chocolate?
How can I enjoy myself while eating on the menu?
Well, I found that I’ve been overeating every time. It may not be enough to get an enlarged stomach, but it was certainly not ok. I had gas after every meal.

After a week on the menu, I already dumped retained water and felt lighter. But the best part about it was that my stomach was calm and tight. I had no swelling, I had no gas.
I was already a normal person. The health I was feeling kept me going on. RUMI was next to me in every moment.
In two months my measures were significantly decreased. And at one point I decided to stop. I could not get used to it all. My clothes were dropping down (even my underwear). It was difficult for me to accept it. I did not even see it in the mirror.
And this was the next “Yeah” moment. It takes time for the big change to happen – for body to change, for psyche to become accustomed. One has to be consistent on the way to his goal!
And I continued to be consistent. Today. Tomorrow. Forever! I am what I want to be – healthy, strong, with a good body, with self-confidence, with calm and balance that food is a pleasure! RUMI showed me how and she was always next to me!

Six months later you will be happy that you have started today, that’s why send me an e-mail with just 3 words ”I Want Change” and we begin our journey together 🙂
Close your eyes and imagine the woman with a great body you want to be … now go to her!

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