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It’s time for a dose of motivation! The beautiful Martha and her success are inspiring.

We often think of ourselves with clichés “I’m chubby”, “I’m greedy” or we let the clichés of others to take over and when they tell us “you’re fine”, we somehow agree. But what is really important is what YOU think, whether you like yourself, whether you are in peace with yourself. You don’t have to share or explain yourself to anybody! Just be honest with yourself and if you feel that you need a change – ask for it and work for it.

And ask boldly and dream boldly, just like Martha. Her story will show you that her victories are not only her new look, but also new habits, new mindset, new attitude towards food and self-care. The excuse “I don’t have time” is also in the past.

Martha started her journey provoked by one of her old photos, and now she reached the point where she loves herself. Isn’t it the most wonderful trip ?! 20 kg less is only the measurable part of the journey, but what she has achieved is far beyond the numbers. I leave you with her story.

“Hi, I’m here to share my story. I have so much to tell, but I will try to be brief.

My name is Martha, I’m 27 years old and I needed a change. I will allow myself to insert a few sentences from my first letter to Rumi: “My problem starts in the early childhood. I’ve always been one of the kids at school who was bullied for being overweight. During puberty, I managed to reach 61 kg through very restrict diets and minimal working out at home, which I managed to keep until I became as a student in the university. During these days, I maintained a weight of about 65 kg. So I started to feel that I’m losing it again and switched to an almost entirely vegetarian diet, I bought myself leg weights, small dumbbells, a mat, a ball, an elastic band and an exercise bike. I was doing every day for 2 months an hour of cardio and 1.30 hours of exercises. Unfortunately, I went abroad, I had to work night shifts, at that time my nervous system broke down completely, I didn’t feel comfortable at all. At the moment I weigh 73 kg, I am 165 cm tall and my desired weight is 55 kg. ”…

Eeeee, I remember very clearly my thoughts in my head when I wrote the last sentence about the desired weight: “55 kg – yeah….it is impossible, surely the woman will laugh at me.”

How did I decide to write to Rumi?
The last drop was when I looked at some photos from my last summer vacation. One photo was crucial. I deleted it unfortunately, but it is still in my mind. And not that before I didn’t look at myself with despise and thinking that I’m fat, not that I haven’t limited myself in terms of food, but in vain. Because I did not know how to do it properly and at some point you are constantly hungry and want more and more and you think only about that.

How did Rumi change my way of thinking?
I started at 72.2 kg and now I weigh 53.8 kg – even I don’t believe it yet. I won’t lie that sometimes I feel nostalgic for the times when I ate 500 grams of yogurt with a banana for breakfast or just when I feel hungry. I’m a person who was raised with pasta, homemade cheese and milk, so I’ve always had a bit too much. But now I learned how much is really enough for me and at the same time I don’t feel restricted.

Before I didn’t separate the different meals during the day, for me everything was just “eat”. And now I have breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack. Thanks to my individual meal plan, prepared by Rumi, I learned to eat vegetables for snacks, which had not happened before. I had never resented people eating purchased chips, fries, donuts, or burgers (maybe because I was one of them), but now I’ve learned that it’s better to cook at home because you know what you’re eating. Eating with Rumi’s meal plan I take a lot of vitamins and minerals. I feel strong and vital and most of all happy that I don’t eat junk. I prepare my food every day, including for work, which at first was difficult, but then becomes part of my everyday life. Because this way you put yourself first and do not want to eat that junk from the nearby fast food restaurant.

And now training is my pride. I started with the beginners program, which literally cost me because I had no other physical activity (and I lived in a deep delusion that I had one). I did not want to skip that part and follow only the diet, because I wanted to build self-discipline and to make this my future routine. In fact, I was even more stimulated when I saw the results achieved after the first month. For a person who has a stagnant lifestyle, it is quite difficult to impose on yourself that you have to work out. And here comes the difference with before and now – before I was saying “I have to do my work out”, and now if I don’t do it because I haven’t had the opportunity or out of sheer laziness, I realize and start telling people that “I want to do my work out”. Most of the times I tend to skip, Rumi’s words begin to ring in my head: “If you can take time for a favorite series – then you can take and 30 minutes for training “- this sentence is really magical ha-ha-ha.

I have spinal problems accompanied by pain, which, believe me, are now drastically reduced when I work out regularly, because the whole body moves. When I do the workout for the day I feel happy with myself and thank myself after that, haha.
Well, so… years ago I was spending 2 hours and 30 minutes for training and because of that I started to hate sports and look forward to the next day with horror. Now I do FULL training for 30 minutes a day, I feel alive, I am full of energy and I even control my nervous outbursts.

I’ve been following Rumi’s work for years – the free recipes and tips on her site. But before writing her an email, something always has happened and I shifted my focus somewhere else, putting myself in 2nd, 3rd or I don’t know which place. This was also influenced by people’s opinion saying “these are nonsense with photoshopped images”, “I would not give money for that, how can you”, “but you look so good, you are not fat, you are nicely rounded” … Stop! Don’t listen to them! I know it’s a cliché, but the most important thing is to feel good mentally and physically and when you need to change something and feel that something is wrong with your body, do not hesitate to write to Rumi – she knows how to help you. Learn to put yourself first.
Don’t get the wrong impression – I’m STILL learning to fight with myself, banish my greed and build a new active lifestyle. It’s not easy, or at least it’s not for me.

As I wrote these lines, I realized even more deeply how grateful I am to Rumi for making me love myself and look in the mirror with love. Thank you for supporting me, for encouraging and being with me all this time. Thank you for the valuable advices! You are a true professional!

With joy,

So, Gorgeous, what do you think? Isn’t it high time for you to start loving yourself? You are the most important person in your life! If you want me to help you on your journey, send me an email with the words “I want a change” and I will take you to it!

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