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Hello Gorgeous <3 We enjoy good weather, delicious food and regular short workouts, right? Today I want to motivate you with Maria's story and her patience and perseverance 🙂 It took her 1 year to like herself in the mirror, but what does the time matter when the goal is achieved. What is learned on the road is so valuable! Start your journey now, send me an e-mail with just 3 words ”I Want Change”. Take a look what program includes.

Since I was a child I have accumulated extra pounds that have always been my problem. I have never realized that the reason for this is the food and the lack of physical activity.
I ate fried foods, cooked with a lot of fat, I drank coffee with 3-4 teaspoons of sugar. I love pasta, and bread was present at every meal, I drank fizzy drinks, and the coffee always went with a few cookies.

I tried all sorts of diets, which at that moment influenced me badly, and after the end of my diet I was returning my old weight again.

There were times when I thought I was eating healthy, having a few slices of whole wheat bread, pouring much oil on the salad, taking sugar with almost everything.

I was desperate that things didn’t go well. After a pregnancy and the birth of my child, I weighed 65 kg. Without any effort I became 58 kg, but I still felt bad about what I saw in the mirror.
One day I decided to go shopping and the saleswoman, smiling at me, asked when I was going to have a baby …:) I was devastated. I came home desperate.

Not so long after that, I found a facebook comment, which inspired me: a story of a girl who had lost about 20 kg (which she had accumulated due to a hormonal problems).
The other thing that impressed me was that you can do all this by practicing just 20 minutes at home!
I tried going to the gym a while ago, but I did not keep a diet and I wasn’t strict with the trainings, because there was no one to take care for my child.

When I shared with my husband my intentions to write to you, he was skeptical, but I believed in my inner feeling, that you are the person who is going to help me.

One year later I am very happy that fate gave me the chance to meet you, lovely Rumi!
You are a great professional and you know how to give courage to your clients!

Thank you once again for teaching me how to eat and train smart 🙂
I wish you happiness, because you deserve it! Rumi, you make people happy!

Send me an e-mail with just 3 words ”I Want Change” and we start walking side by side on your way to achieving your goals 🙂

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