Losing Weight – Renovation And Maintenance


Gorgeous, this weekend I had a conversation with a friend of mine who wants to lose weight. She followed a meal plan I created for her for 4 weeks and lost about 3-4 kg. Then she has started eating just like she used to and she gained back what she lost. The conclusion – the meal plan does not work. It is true that there is a difference between a meal plan and a meal plan, but even after the best one, you should fight for what you have accomplished.

I asked her a question ‘Do you brush your teeth every day?’ and she immediately said ‘Yes.’ I did not ask her why she does it, I think it is obvious.

Many people believe that you watch your place just while you are losing weight and after you achieve your goal you can eat whatever you want. If the meal plan is good you do not get back the weight you lost… And Santa Claus comes down the chimney and leaves the presents under the Christmas tree. To those of us who have been good he leaves a perfect shape for the whole year, so we are motivated to be good for the next one.

I am surprised how many people believe in wonders (I believe as well, but in the real ones).

Today we will talk about losing weight as:

1. Spring cleaning
2. Maintenance (dusting furniture, vacuum cleaning, etc.).

Imagine you buy a house and it is in despicable condition (you are 10-20 kg or more overweight). You start renovating it. Spring cleaning during winter 😀 (start to get in shape). You do way more than just dusting furniture, vacuum cleaning and cleaning the floor. You know it is worth it, so you do whatever it takes you to get the house in order. You renovate everything, paint the walls, clean again and again, move new furniture – it sucks, but you do it in the name of the initial aim. The house shines and sparkles (you lost 10-20 kg). You finally move in (time for a new belt and a sexy dress 😉 ).

In which scenario do you want to take part in?

Scenario 1
You walk your muddy shoes around the house (eat dough, sweets, fatty and fried foods on every meal). You make a mess and don’t clean up after yourself (on the family dinner you eat everything you see on the table – Olivier salad, french fries, fatty meat, bread, cake. Of course, you don’t eat less on the next day). You do not dust (you do not take time to analyse if you have overeaten). You do not tidy up (you do not think how you feel, why you eat, what is missing you). You do not do anything for your new house (dirt and weight increase).

Scenario 2
You do not walk with your shoes on in the house (you do not eat cake, pizza and pasta altogether). It is clean. With light efforts (you do short and regular workouts) you maintain your home fresh and clear. You occasionally dust (check yourself if you overeat). You wash the floors (eat less food right after you had a lot. You do not overeat a month in a row). You tidy up (you prioritize). Occasionally ventilate (you spend enough time to relax and sleep well). Your house is clean and cozy. Well, there are some clothes on the couch (you had pizza, uh-la-la!), but it’s your home and you feel great in it.

Results need to be maintained
After spring cleaning follows maintenance. You deep clean your home twice a year (in spring – for bikini season), in autumn (for the sexy dress you wear on Christmas party). And of course, weekly cleaning so you continue to feel good at home.

Losing weight is not a one-time thing. You can not start to eat uncontrollably whatever you want after you lose weight.

If I start to eat a lot every day, in a month I will be no six-pack Rumi!

Why do you wash your teeth every day and you expect not to do the same for your body?

Why do you shower everyday but you do not work out every day? If you do not take shower regularly, you will be dirty and you will smell bad. If you do not work out regularly, you will lose your shape.

Why are you getting your nails done? Dye your hair every month?

No one can do what YOU have to for yourself!

Why do you take care of everything around you but yourself?

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