List of seasonal vegetables

Which vegetables can I eat depending on the season? Spring Iceberg lettuce, artichoke, asparagus, watercress, Jerusalem artichoke (sunroot, sunchoke, earth apple), mushrooms, kale, sorrel, nettle, dill, cucumber, broad-leaved dock, ramsons, parsley, lettuce, carrots, squash, green onions, green garlic, rhubarb, radishes, arugula, spinach, zucchini, horseradish, chayote. Summer Asparagus, mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, parsley, lettuce, squash, eggplant, […]
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Cauliflower pancakes (mini pizzas)

Gorgeous ❤️ Here is my other suggestion for you – cauliflower pancakes in 2 versions with mozzarella and minced meat feelings. Option 1 (with mozzarella) ...