Hey, Gorgeous! 🙂 Today I’ll meet you with Krassimira, a wonderful young lady, who had a purpose and consistency to achieve it!

Yes, she wasn’t overweight, but she didn’t feel in harmony with herself 🙂 I respect any decision to change, whether it is -5 or -15 kg 🙂

Often, we put ourselves labels like will-less, lazy, disorganized and we start thinking about ourselves this way, we start believing it! But, ah, what unsuspected power Krassimira hid in herself, even she was surprised by herself! 😊

In each of us lives a beautiful woman waiting to be awakened 🙂 Whether it will be tender, with a kiss or not so tender, with a little shaking… It doesn’t matter, it’s the end of the deep sleep. You are what you think of yourself 🙂

Stretch out, breath in and out, dance – the new life is in front of you 🙂

Krassimira had never trained before and now she does with pleasure 🙂 But it’s not just her body she trained, she trained her will as well. 🙂 She ate deliciously, without deviations, nothing could’ve tempted her, because there were simply no temptations for her, there was a purpose :))

I believe, like Krassimira, that we should learn to seek and ask for help when we need it, it’s a normal human thing to do🙂

I am right here, if you want me to be a part of your metamorphosis! Send me an email with the magic words “I want change” and we will walk the path together. Here you can see what the Individual Program includes.

I leave you with Krassimira’s story – just look at her, like a statuette – fine, tender, beautiful!

“Hello to all the girls! I would like to tell you my story. I am 35 years old, I have a 5 years old child. I cope with life on my own and I don’t receive much help. I have my ups and downs, but I have learned the lesson I need to learn in this life.

At the end of last year, I decided to write to Rumi. I am not overweight, but in 6 months I gained about 5-6 kg. Well, it’s true that for some of you it’s nothing and you’ll probably think I’m overplaying, but I didn’t feel good at all. No one is in my shoes and, of course, there is no way for anybody to know how I am dealing with the changes. I wrote to Rumi a few days after my birthday and she replied immediately.

I really didn’t expect an answer from her so soon. I had the confidence that she would help me, but I HAD NO WILL! My excuses and laziness were greater than greed. However, I am grateful that I am not overweight. I admit, I’m vain, but I couldn’t stand the extra weight. I couldn’t stand the reflection in the mirror either. I watched how the numbers on the scales have increased with each passing day. I imagined myself getting old prematurely and asked myself, “Is that what you want to be? In an old lady at a young age? Take care of yourself immediately! Do you want to be one of those bad-looking women?”

And then I decided. I felt ashamed that I responded to Rumi 4 months late. But after her second reply, everything developed so quickly. For a few days I received the meal plan with my favorite foods and the workouts. I explained to her that I had health problems and that it is contraindicated for me to strain my joints.

After I received the last clarifications, I said to myself “This is it! Let’s get started!” I didn’t wait for Monday to come at all. I started IMMEDIATELY. I was amazed by myself. As I had no will, in fact I turned out to be extremely strict.

I had no problem at all with the change in my usual meal plan or the workouts (and I am a person who has NEVER TRAINED). I was so eager for change. I didn’t think about chocolate or greasy pastries. I did not feel hungry for anything forbidden. Well … after the first month, I personally, did not see the change which Rumi noticed. After all, everyone is a specialist in his own thing. 😊

I specialize in the bank staff, and Rumi – in training and eating. The second month passed in pretty much the same way. In the third one – I allowed myself a little more freedom, which I tried to compensate for, and in the fourth month I already knew what to eat, without looking at the notebook. The workouts were (and still are) extremely enjoyable for me and at the same time challenging enough.

Now I still keep up the pace and live a healthy life. The differences in BEFORE and NOW are visible to everyone, but most of all I am glad that I managed to overcome myself and realized that I managed to train not only my body but also my will. Girls, there are no impossible things. Just indulge your desires and do it with Rumi! Believe me, it’s worth it 😊

THANK YOU, RUMI! You are an exceptional woman and a friend!”

I can help you too 🙂 Send me an email with the words “I want a change” and you will be the next happy lady 🙂 See how many inspiring girls there are in our ranks :))

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