Killer Inner Thigh Exercises And Total Body Fat Burning Workout 25 Minute Level 3


After doing this workout I had really hard muscle soreness to inner thighs because of the second combo. Not especially because the lifting of the leg, but because stabilizing the supporting leg which is on the chair.

If workouts are something new to your life, start with the 90 day challenge, because the exercises get harder every other day. You can do the workout bellow only if you have at least 6 months experience.

If this workout is hard for you, try the easier version.

Do each combo for 3 minutes
If you feel good and want, do 2 rounds.

Combo 1
1. Push up with leg to the side – 10
2. Jump squat – 20

Combo 2
1. Side plank with leg on the chair, lift the other leg up, elbow to knee – 10 for each side
2. Torso and legs raise – 20

Combo 3
1. Row RIGHT side – 20
2. Jumping lunge (with dumbbells) LEFT leg – 10
3. Row LEFT side – 20
4. Jumping lunge (with dumbbells) RIGHT leg – 10

Combo 4
1. Plank with legs on the chair, jump to squat – 20
2. Single leg hip thrust – 10 for each leg

Combo 5
1. Pull over – 20
2. Triple abs – 10

Combo 6
1. Side dumbbells raise, shoulders exercise – 10
2. Butt – back leg raise – 20 for each leg

Combo 7
1. Burpee with push up – 10
2. Butt – side leg raise – 20 for each leg

Which combo was most challenging for you? Which one did you like most?
I liked 2 and 4 🙂


  1. Romy 23 February, 2015 at 00:07 Reply

    Can’t wait to do this workout tomorrow morning!!! I have been following you since 2011 and I can see you are more ripped!!! I have noticed your legs in this workout! They are slimmer!!!! What is your diet protocole? What is your meal plan? You must have changed something in your diet… Whatever it is, it is an amazing transformation!! Congrats to you Rumi!!

    • Rumi 23 February, 2015 at 10:19 Reply

      Thank you! I tried many things, because I am serching to solve health issue. I eat high carb diet (fruit, rice, quinoa, buckweat, beans, veggies), medium to low protein (plant, fish and eggs), low fat diet (I don’t add fat to food, only fat that contains in food – fish, egs, avocado), for a year. You can be ripped in any diet protocl depending on the quantity of food. I am on high crab more than a year.

      • Lena 23 February, 2015 at 20:33 Reply

        Hi Rumi, may I ask you what led you to your decisioun to eat like this? Because if I remember correctly, you used to eat quite the opposite way (low carb etc..), am i right? Do you see positive changes since you changed your diet? Also – you eat only fish or other kinds of meat as well? Could you maybe write an article about your eating regime? I know you are extremely busy, but it would be very interesting to read.
        I used to eat high carb low fat as well, but now I eat low carb high fat diet and I still don´t know which works better for me 🙂
        And as always – thanks for your great workouts. I am also doing this one tomorrow, I hope my legs will survive after today´s killer RU58 routine :))

        • Rumi 23 February, 2015 at 21:17 Reply

          Thank you for your questions. I tried many diet protocols, but my goal is very different from most people want. I want to solve health issue. Yes, I see positive changes but not cure yet. I eat only fish and eggs and not every day. Some days I eat vegan. As I said you can be lean in most diet protocols depending on the quantity of food. But being lean is not my goal. Yes, it is good to look good, but this was at the begining. I see most people change goasl with time. What is your goal?

          • Lena 24 February, 2015 at 21:04

            Hi Rumi, thanks for your response. I have a bit similar goal as you. I am naturally lean (thanks to my father´s genetics, I think), so I don ´t workout or eat healthy because of weight issues. I workout every day and I eat healthy all the time, because I want to be healthy. I have some digestive problems (among other issues) for quite a long time and after many foods, I look like 9 months pregnant or I experience unpleasant feelings. I am still trying to find a diet that would work for me. I used to be vegan for 4 years and vegetarian for 12 years, then “paleo” for 3 years…and I am still not much wiser than at the beginning :))

          • Rumi 24 February, 2015 at 21:23

            If you want to tack the results after change you need to change 1 thing only. For example when you are vegetarian, remove dairy for 3-6 months and see how you feel. Then remove/add 1 thing. You can tell what results are from if you suddenly change from vegan to paleo.

  2. Katerina Naumova 27 March, 2015 at 10:45 Reply

    The first exercise in combo 2 was very hard for me, especially when I had to balance on my right arm. I wanted to do as many reps as you so I paused the video until I’d finished 10 reps on each side.
    I liked combo 7, my push-up form is much better lately and I love doing burpees 😉 Since I started sleeping more and walking less I noticed I feel stronger and my knees and ankles don’t hurt as much. I still love my long walks but I don’t take them every day now. When you said we could do one more round at the end of the video, I thought “is she crazy???” :))
    I did one round of level 2 instead, which was more challenging than I expected so I stopped there.
    This workout was hard but it went by fast, I had the flu the first time you posted it so I did it for the first time yesterday.

    • Rumi 27 March, 2015 at 10:51 Reply

      Better sleep always makes me stronger 🙂 When I travel and walk like 8 hours a day, I don’t want to do any exercises!

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