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Gorgeous, today you will see the story of a young mother who wrote me a little skeptical and not very confident. She was worried about the breastfeeding and many other stuff 🙂 In just 3 months, she became a WOW super mom, realizing that a good organization is key to success 🙂 She continued breastfeeding successfully while getting into shape!

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Yes, Juliana is a real fury, see her story :))

Hello, my name is Juliana and I am 27 years old.
Frankly speaking, I’ve been wondering for a long time whether to write Rumi or not (given that I’ve always questioned the results of any training programs, regimes, etc.). Actually I was mostly concerned that I had given birth 3 and a half months ago and I was breastfeeding. The fact that I was not “overflowing” with breast milk somehow further reinforced my suspicion (all women nursing babies have listened to how, your milk will stop if you start restricting yourself…).

If I had to be accurate, I didn’t look that bad after birth at all. But my goal was to feel better about myself.
Before I got pregnant, I was 48 kg. At the end of the pregnancy I was 66 kg, after the birth I dropped to 55 and stopped there … and so I began thinking what to do and how to change things (the fact that I was nursing still was giving me second thoughts).

However, the fact that Rumi herself had recently given birth, that she was nursing and training affected my decision (what a greater motivation could I have).
Then I decided and wrote to her. I told her what I love to eat and I couldn’t wait to get my menu (but I had to wait, of course for her to create it). I was really impatient and curious. During this waiting period I was doing the workouts she had sent me and I started to feel better.
I was concerned about how I am going to cope with everything … baby, breastfeeding, cooking on the menu, measuring food, training … my goodness! But everything turned out to be a matter of organization and desire. I was succeeding!
(I note that my husband also eats from the menu. He likes it very much and has results, too) 🙂

When Rumi sent me the menu … wow … how interesting I was! And it still is 🙂 Maybe for that reason I train and cook with ease. And what’s better than training whenever you want, at home 🙂 Not to mention that I had a terrible pain in my knees, waist and back after birth, there is no trace of them at the moment.

I’m trying to be strict with the menu (of course there are some deviations sometimes) and yet the results are great. But the most important thing for me is that I keep breastfeeding successfully! It is unbelievable how the human body can change, especially the female one (pregnancy, birth …). As it is for me, Rummy is the best motivation!
Recipes are incredible, interesting and diverse. The workouts are great test, crowned with end results. One just has to decide and wish, and then … can do everything.

It sounds cliché, but really the best investment … is the one in the health! I continue with my change! There is nothing better than eating things you love, training in the comfort of your own home, looking good, and especially – being healthy!

I am convinced that if you start, you will certainly not regret!
Thank you, Rumi!

Come on gorgeous, organize yourself send me an e-mail with just 3 words ”I Want Change” and we start right away!

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