Isometric Full Body Toning Workout 5 Minute Tabata Intervals Level 2


This is a workout with isometric exercises. Find out how to combine this workout with other videos from 90 day exercise challenge. This workout is level 2 and has a harder variation (level 3). Always do the harder for you variation, it could be level 2 or 3. It must be hard for you, not hard for anybody else. Listen to your body and do exercises that are challenging for you.

Interval training, 10 intervals 20/10
20 seconds work
10 seconds rest

1. Plank – LEFT LEG step side and center
2. LEFT leg haf squat, RIGHT leg ste out and in, press palms against each other.
3. Side plank on RIGHT knee, hold LEFT leg raised
4. Hold low lunge and push straight arms backwards
5. Active rest – cross jumps
6. Like 1. other leg
7. Like 2. other leg
8. Like 3. other leg
9. Like 4. other leg
10. Active rest – cross jumps

Which exercise do you like the most?

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