Isometric Exercises, HIIT Cardio Workout AndIntense Ab Toning 32 Minute Home Training Level 3


This workout is part of the weekly programs. For max results, do the programs instead of separate workouts.

If workouts are something new for you, first try the 90 day challenge level 2. When it gets easy for you, continue with level 3.

If you want to lose weight or to get fit, you have to combine workouts with eating the right amount of food for you. If you just want to get fit, workouts only are not enough. Usually you can lose weight with just workouts if you are overweight. If you want to get fit, workouts are not enough, you have to combine both regular workouts with good food (the right amount).

If this workout is too challenging for you, try the easier version.

2 rounds

I part, 12 intervals 50/10, 12 minutes

1. Hold LEFT leg lunge – RIGHT leg butt kicks
2. LEFT leg side raised – RIGHT arm reverse fly
3. RIGHT leg single leg chair pose
4. Slow 1-2-3-4 push up
5. Renegade row hold – LEFT side
6. Renegade row hold – RIGHT side
7. Hold RIGHT leg lunge – LEFT leg butt kicks
8. RIGHT leg side raise – LEFT arm reverse fly
9. LEFT leg single leg chair pose
10. Dumbbell boat hold + leg drops
11. Dumbbell V sit + knees under
12. Plank ALT knee touches forehead

II part, 4 intervals no rest 30/30
1. From plank ALT feet to hand jump
2. Jumping jacks
3. Around the world mountain climber
4. Jump rope 2 low – 1 high jump

Which exercise took your breath?
Renegade row hold and feet to hand jump from the cardio.


  1. rose marie 15 May, 2015 at 09:14 Reply

    look easy when I watch you doing it…now, while doing it….ouch…..I could feel the burn…!!!!! amazing workout…my body is shaking right now!!! thank you Rumi for bringing such great workouts!!!! Have a lovely weekend!!!! can’t wait to see you on Monday and start your 30 day challenge soon!!!! Romy

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