Isometric Exercises And HIIT Cardio Intervals 30 Minute Home Total Body Toning Workout Level 2


If you want to loose weight or to shape up your body, you have to combine workouts with eating the right amount of food for you. You can’t burn many calories with workouts. May be, you burn about 200-300 calories for a 30 minute workout (it depends on sex, weight, height and other). It’s easier not to eat particular food, than to burn it with a training.

If workouts are something new for you, first try the 90 day challenge, level 2. After level 2 gets easier for you, continue with level 3 and after that weekly programs.

If this workout is easy for you, try the more challenging version.

1 round is 20 intervals 20/10, 10 minutes.

1. LEFT leg lunge pulse
2. LEFT leg side raise – RIGHT arm reverse fly
3. Hold squat + press arms for chest
4. Slow 1-2-3-4 push up from knees
5. Renegade row hold LEFT side from knees
6. Renegade row hold RIGHT side
7. RIGHT leg lunge pulse
8. RIGHT leg side raise – LEFT arm
9. Hold squat + press arm for chest
10. Chaturanga from knees
11. Pull over hold
12. Boat hold
13. Crunch hold + ALT scissors
14. Plank ALT knee touch forehead
15. Side broad jumps
16. From plank ALT feet to hand
17. Jumping jacks
18. Mountain climber
19. Jump rope 2 low – 1 high
20. Plank in-out jumps

Which exercise challenged you most?

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