Is There An Effective Way To Burn Belly Fat?


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There is no difference between the fat on the abs, butt, thighs, arms, etc. The method of getting rid of it is the same. And the best part is that as you melt the belly fat down, this happens to the other parts of your body too. And the not-so-good news is that we can’t tell our bodies where to burn fat.

We usually burn everywhere but everyone has areas that are very stubborn and difficult to treat. With the women this is most often the breeches, thighs and arms, and with the men it is the abdomen. Women are relatively easier to burn fat from the waist and more difficult from the lower body (hips and thighs). Of course, there are women who find it harder to lose weight from the abs and men from the hips. This all depends on the gender, the genes and the body type.
The most effective way to burn belly fat is not a magic pill and it requires perseverance, proper food and working out.

Reducing food and round total body workouts give the fastest possible results . It doesn’t sound like a magic pill, but it’s been proven to work. 😊

What does it mean to reduce food?

Eat about 20-25% less food and its quality is also important. For example, if you eat rice with vegetables. With 2 lines (crosswise) divide the plate into 4 equal parts. Eat 3 parts and do not eat the part that left – this is an example of 25% less food. Try to eat like this for 2 weeks and then evaluate the results and make changes if necessary.

It also matters what you eat, because the better the food, the better you recover after a workout. Therefore, you can workout harder which means a faster metabolism and more burned fat.

Home-cooked food is most easily controlled for quality and quantity. Use foods which are a “source”. What does this mean? These are unprocessed foods that contain nothing else but themselves and you can prepare delicious meals with them.

Here are all food “sources” – vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, legumes, milk, meat, fish, eggs, spices. At first glance, the list seems very short, but each of these groups of food has many members and can be made into extremely tasty dishes.

Food is often the stumbling block when it comes to burning fat. There are many ingredients hidden in ready-made packaged foods and in the meals in restaurants that we do not suspect we are eating and that sabotage us. For example, the salads in a restaurant are seasoned with at least 30 g of fat, which is about 300 kcal. Or with a sauce which you don’t know the contents of, that also add hidden calories to your diet. Add then you have a drink, so you haven’t really started yet, but you’re at least 500 calories ahead.

I do not want to discourage you from eating in restaurants, but be careful with the choice of food and ask how it is prepared. Choose dishes that are prepared from food “sources”, without sauces. I love eating in restaurants because I am a foodie and I like to try new flavors. I have extremely high requirements for food and I always ask how the dish is prepared, what products they have used and then I decide what to order. But most of the food in our family is home-cooked by me, because food means health and I am lucky to love cooking and experiment with new combinations of food “sources”.

When we want to burn fat, it is important to eat as much and such food so that our body can turn for energy to its reserves – the subcutaneous fat. Because if we constantly eat food, the body burns it for energy and never reaches its reserves. The amount of food that we take in should be less than what we need for our daily needs so the body can start using the stored subcutaneous fat for energy.

The more unprocessed and quality the food is, the richer in vitamins and minerals it is. This is extremely important for the health of every person and it is vital for those who workout. If we work hard, but eat poorly, we are not doing ourselves any good.

Trainers need more vitamins and minerals than non-trainers.That is why the food quality it is so important. There are also quality packaged foods that are extremely convenient and save time. My advice is to read the label and check if they are made only from food “sources”.

How much to eat exactly?

To burn fat from the abs or elsewhere we need to consume less energy than we need. One way is by eating 25% less, the example above by dividing the plate into 4 equal parts. The other is through expertly prepared meal plans, which have a calculator with which you calculate how much energy you need, depending on how much you train, your age, weight, height.

For example, if the calculator shows that you take 1500 kcal per day, you choose from the meal plan 3 recipes of 500 kcal each, if you want to eat 3 times a day. In such meal plans, everything is calculated for you, so you just choose what you want to eat, grab the recipe and prepare it in less than 30 minutes. The recipes are easy, quick and suitable for people who do not like to cook, yeah, I know that not everyone likes to cook like me 😊

The second ingredient for fast and quality fat burning is training

There are different types of workouts and not all of them are effective.

An example of ineffective exercises are the isolated body parts exercises (biceps, triceps, abs). It’s a waste of time if you don’t become a bodybuilder. The only reason to do such exercises is that they are easier for a beginner, but their effectiveness is lower for burning energy than exercises that involve more and larger muscles groups.

The more muscles are involved in an exercise, the more energy you burn. The larger muscle groups you train, the more energy you burn, not only during training, but also after it, when you recover (for example, while watching TV).

Example of large muscle groups are the thighs, buttocks, back, chest – the more exercise you have for these muscles, the faster you burn fat from anywhere. Example of small muscle groups are arms, shoulders, calves.

In my workouts I include mostly exercises for the large muscle groups , and the best part is that this way I also train and the small muscles but without wasting time on an isolated exercises. When we train the back, the biceps are also involved, so there is no need to work out specifically for the biceps. When we train the chest, the triceps are involved and so on.

The two ingredients the Food and the Workout should be used together to give results.

Something extremely important – training and nutrition must be applied together to give results. However, in the beginning my advice is to start with one of the two, so you don’t change your life too much. Many changes at once lead to stress and inability to maintain change for a long time. In order to workout regularly and eat well regularly and turn this into a way of life for you, it should happen gradually. The smoother you make the change, the better are your chances of having a new lifestyle rather than a temporary occupation. I have experience with over 10,000 clients and the most successful are those who give themselves time and accept that they will not lose weight in 1-2 months.

Choose which one to start with (training or eating) and once you get used to it, add the second ingredient.

If you have a greater desire to workout than to prepare food, start exercising first. See in this article what you need to start training .

I guess you can’t wait to get in shape so the fastest way is to eat and exercise together with me. If you want to do it with the least amount of stress and me supporting you while the change happens, send me an email and I will prepare a program personally for you. Here you can see reviews from clients I have worked with.

Finally, I want you to remember this: a change that happens gradually lasts a lifetime. Fat burning is achieved by eating and working out together, and in the beginning you can start with only one of them, so that it is not too stressful. 😊


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