Interval Isometric Workout Ab And Butt Exercises Low Impact Total Body Exercises Levels 3 and 2


In this workout we do the same exercises for both levels, but the working interval is different.

If workouts are something new for you: start with lighter workouts, learn the proper technique of the exercises. First try the 90 day challenge level 2. After that, continue with level 2 of the weekly programs. Also try level 3.

Do you want to burn fat and to shape up your body? Combine regular workouts with eating the right amount of food for you.

Level 3, 2 rounds, 28 intervals 50/15, 30 minutes

Level 2, 3 rounds, 42 intervals 30/10, 28 minutes – 2 rounds are filmed in the video, if you want, do 3 rounds.

1. Warrior 3 on RIGHT leg
2. Standing LEFT leg hold raised arms pulse up-down
3. Reverse plank on LEFT leg – right leg pulse
4. Bent knee plank on RIGHT leg – LEFT leg raise
5. Warrior 3 on LEFT leg
6. Standing RIGHT leg hold raised arms pulse up-down
7. Reverse plank on RIGHT leg – left leg pulse
8. Bent knee plank on LEFT leg – RIGHT leg raise
9. Obliques hold on LEFT arm – right arm stretch
10. Obliques hold on RIGHT arm – left arm stretch
11. Ballerina hold on toes + alt push elbows back
12. Chaturanga
13. Up dog
14. Boat hold

Which exercise challenged you most?
Chaturanga and up dog. During ballerina squat my legs were shaking.


  1. rose marie 9 April, 2015 at 10:36 Reply

    this morning I said to myself…ok, this morning workout will be a relax and easy one with the low impact workout…what???? lol …. it wasn’t that easy at all…..oh men….. my legs were shaking during the bent knee plank and leg raise….Actually, it was very challenging!! then, the chaturanga… no way to make it through 50 I paused it 3 times…I did enjoy the workout with the static movements. In some of them, I realized I lack some serious strength !!! Thank you Rumi with this awesome workout!! 🙂

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