Interval Fat Burning Cardio And Total Body Strength Workout With Abs And Butt Exercises Level 3


This workout is for those days, you want to train both aerobic and strength for 20 minutes. It saves time and it is a great total body workout and a challenge for the aerobic capacity.

If you want to see visible results, you have to combine regular workouts with eating the right amount of food for you.

If workouts are something new in your life, first try the 90 day challenge level 2. After that level 3 of the 90 day program or the weekly programs.

This workout has an easier version.

I part – aerobic
10 30/30 no rest intervals 5 minutes

1. Jump squat + feet touch
2. Chaturanga in-out jump
3. Mill jump
4. 180 degrees jump
5. Plank ALT single leg jump forward

II part – strength
10 50/15 intervals, 15 seconds is the rest interval

1. Abs – pull rope
2. ALT reverse hupers hold – 1 leg
3. Renegade row both dumbbells RIGHT arm
4. Dumbbells side lunge RIGHT leg
5. Reverse lunge RIGHT hammer curl + overhead press
6. Renegade row both dumbbells LEFT side
7. Dumbbells side lunge LEFT leg
8. Reverse lunge LEFT leg + shoulders dumbbells side raise
9. Wide push up
10. Plank ALT diagonal jump kicks

III part, repeat part I

How was the aerobic?
The aerobic really tortures me these days, I can’t breath, it’s kind of strange.

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