Instructions – How to Use Myfitnesspal


When it comes to counting calories I like Myfitnesspal. I use it with Android phone and I think it’s easy and accurate. The instructions below are for using it with a computer.

Counting calories is just for 1-2-3 months and it gives you idea what you eat and how much you eat. I don’t recommend you to count calories for life, but just long enough to calibrate yourself. It’s great to combine 90 days workouts with counting calories.

Open the homepage and press the button Sign up with Email:


A new page is opened, where you write down your username, email and password.


If you don’t want to receive newsletters from the website, just don’t put tick in the box.


Press the Continue button. A new page is opened where you have to fill in information like current weight, height, gender, etc.

You have to fill in this information for yourself:


Current Weight – is the weight you start the Challenge with.

Goal Weight – the weight you wish to be in the end of the Challenge. Be realists 🙂



Date of Birth

Country – where you live in now.

Zip/Postal Code – you don’t have to write this information if you don’t want to.

We go to the second half of the page:

Here you have to tick what is your daily activity. You choose only one of the following 4 choices.


After you fill in all the information, press Save and Continue.

The next page says it’s easier to lose weight if you are doing it with friends 🙂 Come on, challenge your friends, fill in their emails below 🙂


Don’t forget to fill in your name, so your friends will understand who is challenging them. You can skip this step, just pres the Skip button.

The next step shows us how many calories we need per week, the percent of macronutrients (proteins, carbs, fats) we should eat, calories burned per week (I believe that you don’t have to count on burning calories with training) and kilograms we will knocked off until certain date. This numbers come from the information we fill in on the previous page. Neglect the numbers you see here because it is calculated with six 30 minutes workouts weekly, and the goal is 0.25 kg weigh loss per week 🙂 Each of you will see different numbers depending on your personal information.


And Get Started Now.

This is the homepage:


As I said before, each of you will see different daily income, depending on the personal information.
Come on, let’s add food for the day – Add Food.


A new page is opened, press Add Food again, this time we can see the separate meals during the day:


Let’s add the breakfast 🙂 We search for oatmeal:


We add 30 servings per 1 gr and press Add Food to Diary.


Follow the same steps and add cheese or something else to the breakfast:


So we have the breakfast to our daily meal.


We have the information how many calories is our breakfast, the macronutrients, and the calories remaining for the day. The red circle with the white line on the right of the oatmeal and cheese is a button if you want to remove the food from the list. If you make a mistake, you can correct.

Skip the Add Exercise button. My opinion is that you can’t burn many calories with short workouts.

If you want to Add Exercise here are the instructions. You can see our breakfast in the beginning.


Let’s add lower body workout:


When the next window open, fill in the name of the workout:


If you don’t find the name of the workout, add it – Add an exercise to the database:


A new page opens where you fill in how many sets, repetitions you will do and the weight you will use. This is not correctly because you can do different repetitions for each exercise.


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