Inner Thigh And SaddlebagsTabata Workout 30 Minute Burn Thigh Fat Exercises Level 2


For new readers: if you want to work out with us, first start with the 90 day challenge.

If you work out for a long time and don’t look the way you want (this is not important for me now, but years ago I wanted to be skinny), try to count calories.

If this workout is easy for you, try the harder version.

Interval training, 60 intervals 20/10

1. Circle with LEFT knee + half squat RIGHT
2. Side raise LEFT – jump RIGHT hands on chair
3. Frog clap
4. Circle RIGHT – half squat LEFT
5. Side raise RIGHT – jump LEFT hands on chair
6. Wide cross jump
7. Very wide ALT side lunge stretch
8. Jump RIGHT – side kick LEFT
9. Side raise LEFT, stretch RIGHT calf (it’s not wrong if the leg is bent)
10. Jump LEFT – side kick RIGHT
11. Side raise RIGHT, stretch LEFT calf (it’s not wrong if the leg is bent)
12. 2 Plie jumps – 1 jump to center
13. Pendulum
14. Isometric crunch + open-gather legs
15. ALT plank jumps
16. ALT lunge jumps
17. Push up
18. Row jumps
19. Sumo squat + side leg raise
20. Star jump

Which exercise did you like the most?

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