Inner Thigh And Saddlebags Exercises 20 Minute Cardio And Thigh Fat Workout Level 3


If you enter this website for the first time, you have to know that we work out for a long time 🙂 If you want to join us, start with the 90 day challenge . After 3-4 months you can work out with the programs that I publish every week. Workouts have to be difficult BUT possible to be done. You have to pant but not to be breathless. It has to be difficult, but still you have to do something not only to try. Always try to do the harder version of the exercises and then if you can’t, modify with the easier version. You don’t want your workout to be just unsuccessful tries, right 🙂

If you work out for a long time and don’t achieve your goals, try to count calories.

If this workout is hard for you, try the easier version.

No rest interval training, 20 intervals 30/30
If you want, do 3 rounds, I filmed only 2.

1. Circle with LEFT knee + half squat RIGHT
2. Side raise LEFT – jump RIGHT hands on chair
3. Frog clap
4. Circle RIGHT – half squat LEFT
5. Side raise RIGHT – jump LEFT hands on chair
6. Wide cross jump
7. Very wide ALT side lunge stretch
8. Jump RIGHT – side kick LEFT
9. Side raise LEFT, stretch RIGHT calf
10. Jump LEFT – side kick RIGHT
11. Side raise RIGHT, stretch LEFT calf
12. 2 Plie jumps – 1 jump to center
13. Pendulum
14. Isometric crunch + open-gather legs
15. ALT plank jumps
16. ALT lunge jumps
17. Push up
18. Row jumps
19. Wide pike jumps
20. Star jump

What do you think about this workout?
I sweat well but it wasn’t a killer 🙂

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