How to eat at Christmas for a perfect shape?


Holidays, occasions and temptations will always be there :))

The important thing is to return strictly to your plan after them:))) We are humans, not robots, but let’s be moderate :)) If 28-29 days we are strict, then one or two days of temptation will not be the stone that will overturn the cart.

In this article last week I wrote about eating during the holidays.

Christmas or any other holiday could be very suitable if you follow a meal plan 🙂 You just have to stick to the meat and the salads :))

Here in Bulgaria, there is a long period of fasting before Christmas and we eat mainly pork on that day. This is also the season of the pickled vegetables, which are highly rich in probiotics. So, imagine at lunch or dinner to have a nice juicy steak with a season salad or pickled vegetables, mmm delicious 🙂

Can I eat what I want on Xmas?

Yes, you can. You don’t eat like this every day, do you? You don’t gain weight for 1 day or from 1-2-3 pieces of cake. As well as you are not getting in shape for 1 day or by skipping 1-2-3 pieces of cake.

It is very important to give your body what it wants and not to have any prohibitions and restrictions. Clearly, all the sweets are not a food that provides important nutrients to the body, with all the sugar and all the rest. However, it’s great to enjoy it, if you feel like eating a lot and not turn it into a fixed idea.

Still, I want to lose weight on Xmas

Eat just like you do when you are on a regimen, feeling a slight hunger. When you feel light, and your stomach is not bloated – this is the feeling of being in energy deficiency.

Can I do something to burn the extra calories from overeating

Yes, you can. Walk for many hours. Walking is a great way to burn calories. But you have to walk a lot. At least 3-4 hours to have a significant impact on the burned energy.

By comparison, with a 20 minute intense workout I burn about 150 calories, measured by a fitness  bracelet. And with 3-4 hours of walking I burn 400-500 calories. Well, yes, it’s an investment in time, but you will burn 2 pieces of cake 🙂

This year (2020) we didn’t have the opportunity to walk long and freely, like we used to, BUT we learned how to be more active at home with home workouts. Which I suggest you don’t skip during the holidays 🙂

Will there come a time when getting in shape will be easier

Yes, it gets easier. The first year is the most difficult, the first months are super difficult, but over time you gain experience and learn to listen to your body. You begin to appreciate the effort you put in. You see the benefits of the better food you take in the clear skin, the radiant complexion, the lack of a bloated stomach and overall a better health.

Very often people look at the holidays as occasions to overeat 🙁 But in my opinion the holidays are occasions to gather with our loved ones, to laugh, to celebrate, and food is just part of this event 🙂 Let’s not put it in the center 🙂

During the holidays, have fun and eat smart, don’t binge :))


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