How to build a regular training habit?


Building useful habits is considered as a very difficult thing to do. But there is a very easy and effective way to do it. I have used this method many times to turn into habits things that improve my life 🙂

And the method requires much less time than you expect! Which is the secret formula! 😊

The less you use it per day, the more successful it is!

What makes the habit of training so difficult to achieve?

Most people set very ambitious goals, such as training 5 times a week for 1 hour. One hour a day, almost every day, is a serious time investment. In a few days you are not so motivated. The more effort you have to put into something, the more resistance you have against it. And the bigger excuses you start to come up with.

And when you add to that going to the gym, undressing, getting dressed, shower after a workout, the desire to train for an hour a day is already a two-hour investment. The next day you have a terrible muscle fever, because 1 hour of training for a beginner is too much. It all hurts and yet, again, you have to spend 2 hours while you actually want to do something completely different. And you even think, “It’s better stay the way I’m now than to go through this 5 times a week.”

And I completely understand you. If I was you, I wouldn’t turn into a habit such an experience.  Everything hurts, you waste an awful lot of time , you don’t see results right away, and there’s not a single good thing to feel good about. Maybe somewhere in the future you will see results, but there is nothing certain and that is why you refuse to invest 2 hours in something that is not clear at all.

How to make the habit of training easy?

Set a goal to train 5-10 minutes a day. Yeah, I know it sounds very small. But no matter how much you don’t want to train today, knowing that it’s only 5-10 minutes, you do it. And do it at home so that you do not waste time going to the gym.

That was the reason that made me miss my training many years ago. Just imagining that I would be in a hurry after work and then wait for a machine to open up… and gave up going to the gym before I was even on my way. I want to make sure that I’m not against working out in the gym, it’s just not my thing. I prefer to read 1 hour instead of wasting it on the road and waiting for machines. Besides the home workouts are proven as effective for me and for thousands of other wonderful women we train together with.

The less change you make in your daily life, the less resistance you have against it. Where haven’t you spent 5-10 minutes ?! Just log into Instagram (mine is @fitnessrum) and 30 minutes are gone just like that until I see a few stories and photos.

In order to build a habit, you need to trick your subconscious that this is not an obstacle or something tiring and prolonged.

The smaller your goal is, the easier it is for you. This is the first step for building a habit – a small, almost invisible change which you won’t resist.

The second important thing to build a habit is the repetition

You need to practice regularly, every day the thing you want to turn into a habit. It is a very important step until it starts to come naturally and you actually start liking it. Yes, that time comes! 😊

I have thousands of letters from my Gorgeous clients who share with me that they did not like to train. But they have tried my short and super intense workouts and not only that they become a habit, but they like them. The feeling after a workout is amazing! You are tired but happy, you feel your body differently, your muscles pulsate and you realize that you are capable of a lot! If you haven’t trained so far, I’m a little jealous that you’re about to find that physical intoxication after a workout 🙂 It’s so nice to be tired and happy with yourself. To know that this fatigue is a symbol of health and super shape.

Workouts and weight loss

Most people want to start training, not to build a habit, but to get in shape. And you probably wonder can you get in shape with 5-10 minutes workout a day? Your question is absolutely normal. Why build a training habit if it won’t do you any good ?!

Yes, working out even 7 minutes a day speeds up the metabolism and in a long run it works very well. You won’t see much change in a month with such workouts but in a few months the change will be huge.

The first thing that happens is that you burn more energy while just sitting in front of the computer or lying on the bed and reading a book. The more regularly and extended (many months, not long workouts) you train, the more you gain from the boosted metabolism.

The other thing that happens is that most people, after developing a training habit, want to be as effective as possible and start paying attention to the food. The proper nutrition is extremely important for the health and the good shape. But let this be another habit you build after. 😊

Start with training every day for 5-10 minutes, let this turn into a habit. After 1-2 months make a small change on your diet. All changes must be small, unnoticeable, so that you have no internal resistance and make them willingly🙂

The smaller your goal is, the easier to achieve it is in a short time and then move on to the next one.

Let’s be honest, big dreams do not come true in 3-4 weeks. For example, if you want to lose 10 kg, it is not realistic to do it in 4 weeks. And after that time, you will be disappointed that you did not achieve your goal 🙁 But the truth is that it wasn’t achievable from the very beginning.

There is a theory that says that happy people constantly set small, realistic goals. They achieve them and move on to the next one. The satisfaction of the achieved goal is huge and gives you strength and inspiration to move forward 🙂

I strongly admire people who dream boldly! Follow your dream with all your heart, but draw a path made by small, achievable goals to the top!

The formula for building a habit

Easy goal + repetition + regularity + repetition = new habit. Light the fire in you with the first formed habit and then no one can stop you from changing everything you’ve always wanted. Because you have the formula – a small change + repetition every day 😊

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