How to Make Nut Milk at Home


You can make nut milk super easy and fast at home.

Just have in mind this: use 1 part nuts and 4 parts water. I don’t mean the weight of the nuts when I say 1 part but the volume of the nuts and water.

I measured what it means 1:4 in grams for 500 ml volume for the ingredients below. The easiest way to measure by yourself if you want is: take a container that is broken down by milliliters, for example 500 ml. Fill 100 ml of the volume of the container with nuts. After that measure how many grams are the nuts. And then add 400 ml water.

Ingredients: for 500 ml volume nut milk

50-60 g cashew or almonds (it depends how strong taste you like)
400 g water
Vanilla, cinnamon, cocoa if you like


Blend the cashew and water while you get homogeneous mixture. If you like completely smooth milk, filter the mixture using nut milk bag or gauze.

I don’t filter my milk because I eat whole food and I want to eat the whole cashew. I pour everything in a bottle or jar which closes well and store it in fridge up to 1 week. Before using it I shake the bottle very well so the water and cashew mix.

Attention: don’t pour the milk in a jar if you stored pickles, roasted peppers or other strongly aroma foods in it. Your milk will taste as pickles and it’s not tasty 🙂

The nutritional facts of this milk are the same as the used cashew, about 300 kcal for 50 g cashew.

This nut milk is much more nutritious and there is NO preservatives. I think it’s better that the store bought nut milks. Everybody decides for themselves 😉

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