HIIT Strength and Cardio with But Lifting And Flat Abs Exercises 40 Minute Home Workout Level2


The working interval is longer in this workout – 30 seconds. But the rest is 15 seconds, this is active rest, walking in the room, little jumps or jump rope. Everyone take the rest that needs of depending on the training level. If you can jump, if you can’t just walk.

This workout has more challenging version.

1 round is 18 intervals 30/15, 13:30 minutes
3 rounds 54 intervals 30/15, 40:30 minutes

1. Burpee
2. Hammer curl + press up
3. Chair hold
4. Bent over row
5. Squat + Arnold press
6. Hip thrust LEFT leg
7. Chair step up LEFT
8. Renegade row
9. Hip thrust RIGHT leg
10. Chair step up RIGHT
11. Leg raise
12. Ankle touches
13. ALT pigeon crunch
14. Jumping jacks
15. Jump left-right
16. Long side jump
17. Scissors jump
18. Jump forward-backward

Which exercise was most challenging for you?

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