HIIT 20 minute – brutal high intensity workout for butt abs chest and back


This workout consists of 5 Tabata workouts. Each workout consists of 8 intervals, 20 seconds hard work, 10 seconds rest. Two exercises are rotating in each Tabata workout. Each exercise is repeated in 4 series for the 8 intervals. The goal is maximum repeats with right technique and maximum range of motion.

Tabata 1
In the first exercise, you have to jump on your heels – it is possible the knees to go in front of toes and eventually to hurt them. It is also harder . You have to fully stand up when you do the side lunge, not partially. I have noticed that I don’t fully stand up, but it has not to be like this. It is not wrong, but a cheat

1. From plank – jump heel to flat of the hand, alternating the legs
2. Side lunge with jump, alternating the legs.

Tabata 2
It is very important to do the first exercise with legs open shoulder wifth. I mean the knees don’t have to be gathered. I often see people doing it with gathered knees. The starting position is squat with legs open shoulder width, and it has to be the position during doing all the repeats.

1. Squat-star jump
2. Jumping jacks

Recovery Tabata 3
When doing the renegade rowing the abs should point the floor. The goal is not to allow the body to twist – you can achieve it by tightening the abs. This is a great exercise for abs and back. Also for chest, shoulders, biceps, lower back.

You have to do the pushups with chest touching the floor, without hanging head and be careful for the shoulder blades. There is no hump between the shoulder blades, the waist does not have to hang. Elbows must point backward and slightly aside.

1. Renegade rowing alternating the hands
2. Push ups

Tabata 4
Be careful when you stand up after the donkey jumps. First raise the head parallel to the floor, and if you feel well, slowly stand up and continue with the next exercise. You can see me in the video doing this.

1. Donkey kicks
2. 180 angle jumps to semi squat

Tabata 5 – working for the butt
I have added this combination so you can smoothly recover and to work for the butt. The best exercises for butt are squats, lunges, swing, hip thrust (hip bridge). I always add these exercises to my workouts. To protect the thighs from overtraining, I add so called “women exercises” for buttocks, just because I do enough of the “no women exercises”, and because I want to keep my butt in a good shape.

I think that the back of the thigh, back, and butt are the most neglected muscle groups. Poor buttocks, we sit on it all day long, and it needs hard work. The following exercises are easy for me, so I don’t take 10 seconds rests, but if you need it, take the rest.

1. From all 4s – side bent LEFT leg raise
2. From elbows and knees – reach back and up LEFT leg
3. From all 4s – side bent RIGHT leg raise
4. From elbows and knees – reach back and up Right leg

Tell me how you feel the workout, and do you like it?


  1. Katerina 8 July, 2014 at 01:03 Reply

    Nice to have you back here Rumi 🙂 It’s so hot here, doing HIIT leaves me soaking wet at the end! I took your advice on doing star jumps, I noticed in your older videos that you do them with legs shoulder width apart. It is much easier to balance and jump that way. I still can’t get all the way to the floor when doing a push-up, but I don’t feel pain in my neck and lower back anymore so I think my form is good, at least I don’t feel like I’m cheating 🙂

    Great workout, thanks again 🙂
    Sending you lots of love

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