Healthy Apple Cookies With Walnuts And Cinnamon, Vegan


These cookies are awesome! Very easy to prepare, you need just a few products, it’s my own original recipe. I adore simple meals!

They are more delicious on the next day, when they are completely cool, than warm. They are crunchy outside and juicy and slightlyyy sour because of the apples.

Healthy Apple Cookies-02

500 g sweet apples, without seeds
100 g walnuts (you can use other nuts or seeds)
5 dates (about 40-50 g pitted)
100 g flour (I used rice flour, but you can use any flour or combine some flours)
Cinnamon/cocoa as yo like

Preheat the oven to 160C (320F), upper and lower oven with fan. Process more of the walnuts and make them flour (you can grind them). Add the apples and process some times (you can grate them). The apples go up to the walls of the food processor, so stop it, stir with a spatula and continue processing until it’s like mash. Add the dates, cinnamon and cocoa and process just a little more. Add the flour. In the end, add the rest of the walnuts and process just for a moment, so there are bigger pieces. I decided to try if the cookies would be more delicious with bigger pieces of walnuts. Definitely the cookies with the bigger pieces of walnuts are more delicious. So you can add all walnuts in the end.


Try the dough when it’s ready and if you want, add more dates. Especially if you prepare these cookies for people who like store bought cookies. If your family don’t like “healthy” treats you must add at least 10, even 15 dates. When they are familiar with this kind of cookies, you can reduce the sweet. You can’t reeducate anyone’s taste over the night!

If you want to bake for a short time add 50 g more flour, so it will absorb the moisture of the apples.

Scoop the dough onto the baking tray and make balls. Use the spoon to flatten them or just leave them like this. I like them more to be shaggy. You can take the balls with hands and gently flatten them. They are not sticky and it’s easy. and make little balls.

If you don’t have time you can put all dough in the tray, flatten and bake it as cake. Cut it in to squares, when it’s completely cool.

The cookies are wet, that’s why they are baking and drying for 60 minutes to 160C(320F). It’s pleasure to work out, while the cinnamon smell is all over the house 😉

Completely cool are more delicious! They have great crust outside, because of the long baking, and inside are wet, as they have filling. They have slightly sour flavor because of the apples, but they are not sour, just a shade. Treat yourself!

Healthy Apple Cookies-03

You can be in the best shape of your life eating treats like these or these. You just have to eat the right amount of food for you.

Change your life forever!

Healthy Apple Cookies-04

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