Good Posture and Booty Workout – 29 Minute Total Body Strength Training At Home Level 3


Goregous, a new workout from 90 day challenge 🙂 This workout is hard but it there is a less challenging verssion.

This is a circuit training in 3 parts.
After every round do 10 Burpees
Burpee is an exercise with following moves:
1. Squat and put hands on the ground (straight back)
2. Jump to plank
3. Push up – go as low as you can (chest to floor)
4. Jump from plank to squat
5. From squat, jump up

I part – 2 rounds – after every round do 10 Burpees

1. From plank to downward dog and dumbbel to opposite ankel + plank and dumbbell forward to arm-torso-leg in a straight line – 30 reps dumbbell in a LEFT arm
Usually I do this exercise with a lighter dumbbell because it is challenging and with a bigger dumbbell proper form suffers. You can do this exercise with water bottles.
2. V sit with twist – 10
3. Lie on your stomach, hold legs lifted off the ground – lift torso+side arms – 10
4. Like 1. RIGHT arm
*After these 4 exercises – 10 Burpees and after that 1 more round.

II part – Butt activation – 1 round
Because of the many hours spend in a sitting position many people can’t activate glute muscles in a workout. This means that they do exercises mainly with quadriceps (front thigh muscles). I recommend before every glute workout to activate glutes with such old school exercises.

1. On a chair – raise leg back and reach up – 50 reps for every leg.
2. On a chair – side leg raise – 50 for every leg
You can do both exercises on the floor but on a chair the range of motion is bigger.
*10 Burpees

III part – 2 rounds – 10 Burpees after every round
1. Chair step up with dumbbells – 25 reps for every leg
Push hips backwards and step up slowly, no momentum, control the movement.
If you want bigger arms do bicep curls with left leg step ups and side raise with right leg step up. I didn’t do this because I don’t want bigger arms. I work out my arms with exercises for the back (bicep) and chest (tricep).
*10 Burpees

Do you like this workout?
I like it a lot, it reaaly worked my total body. What about you?

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  1. Janny 11 December, 2015 at 13:21 Reply

    Today I did this for the third time. It took me way longer than your 29 minutes ;). But at least I improved my score: 45:06 (Day 16), 49:10 (Day 24, don’t know what happend here), 41:11 (Day 54, today).
    The first part is by far the hardest especially exercise 1 and 4. I did it just with my bodyweight and it was still soooooo hard. But I really like this workout. The only exercise I hate is the V sit. Usually I don’t do any exercises similar to crunches or sit ups. It’s because of the controversy of the latter (just to get sure I don’t do anything wrong) and regarding the crunches I think I do a lot of movements similar to them during the day. So I like to train my abs with plank exercises more that’s why next time I will replace the V sits.
    Oh and by the way, in your workout description it says “25 step ups” but in the video you are doing 20. I did 25 although I wanted lesser reps ;).
    Thanks a lot for all those workouts.

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