Ginger Pumpkin


With my morning coffee I like to answer comments here on the blog and on my Youtube channel (subscribe to it if you want to get notifications when I upload a new workout video).

Later I did a lower body workout with my 17 kg (37 pounds) salt and dumbbell bag. It took me a little bit over 20 minutes and I was sweating a lot. It had a new move that targets inner, outer and back of the thigh – you guys asked me a lot for saddlebags workout and this is just perfect for the outer cushions we women tend to have (and men do nothing about this and never have saddlebags – genetics and hormones!).

eggs with cheese

I just love eggs 🙂

close up egg with cheese

After the workout I prepared eggs with cheese and butter and for a dessert:

pumpkin with ginger

Ginger Pumpkin
15 gr (0.5 oz) grated ginger
250 gr (10 oz) baked pumpkin (or canned)
Handful raisins
Handful walnuts

pumpkin walnuts raisins

Mix all ingredients and leave it until you eat up eggs. The pumpkin is a little bit spicy and I love the taste of ginger and cinnamon. It is a perfect meal for autumn/winter because ginger always makes me feel warm and has so many health benefits.

Here are researches about some of the ginger benefits (if you click the link you’ll go to the original research):

Ginger eases the suffering of asthma

Ginger helps against colitis

Ginger prevent from diabetes

Decrease pregnancy nausea and vomiting (pregnant women must be careful about the doze)

Ginger decreases arthritis pain as effective as Diklofenac but safer. The partipicinats also took Glucosamine.

Question of the day

Do you like ginger? What is your favorite (and quick) recipe?

Rumi: I love ginger. I like to add some to salads and fruit. I also like it in beans and lentils.


  1. Romy 30 October, 2012 at 08:58 Reply

    yummy yummy!!! thank you Rumi for sharing this delicious receipe!! I love ginger too!! I love to put some in marinade, basmati rice…I will try in beans and lentils!

    • Rumi 30 October, 2012 at 09:14 Reply

      Romy, ginger rice such a good idea, unfortunately it makes me constipated if I eat it often, so I eat rice and very small amount only on sushi. But I can imagine the flavour of rice, ginger and butter (ot coconut butter), I would add also a fresh tomato chopped while serving mmmm 🙂

  2. marysunny verdi 31 October, 2012 at 05:24 Reply

    hi these receipes looks delicious got to give a try as soon i got some ginger. Rumi do you eat always organic foods? i made this question because it seemed that all the trainer advice to eat organic. the fact is that the place where i live its hard to.find organic food in the supermarket or in the local farm market unless you produce your food in the garden or other types of food. so this thing make me think about everytime i eat something that is not organic i go kinda of sad. the few times i find some organic food it seemed they are not fresh.dont know what to do or think about it ciao

    • Rumi 31 October, 2012 at 05:37 Reply

      marysunny, yea, I buy organic foods, but I prefer to find out small farms and buy from them, they even have delivery. The farm is close to the city I live and twice weekly they come to the city and delivery their products to all people who ordered. Try to find something similar near your city. I also love to buy food from people who grow fruit and veggies for theirselves but you know there is always leftovers, so they can sell it. It is a process to make connections and find out people with similar food interests and to exchange ideas. Don’t feel guilt, do your best and you know it is what youc an do 🙂

      I am preparing a complete workout program, with a guide wchich video on which day to do, I will post it here on the site once my Facebook page reaches 500 Likes (it is at 150 Likes now). I would be gratefull if you spread the word about this 🙂

  3. Liz 1 November, 2012 at 06:13 Reply

    One of my favorite uses for fresh ginger is to add it to my vinaigrette for my salads – fresh ginger and fresh garlic add a zing! To mellow it, I put a little touch of honey. Yum!

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