Full Body Workout With Butt and Ab Exercises For a Strong Core Level 2


This workout is part of the 90 day challenge. Join us and start from day 1, do only 1 workout daily and don’t hurry to catch up. Can you catch up with the food for 10 days, you can 1-2 not more. It’s the same situation with the training, you can do 1-2-3 workouts per day but after that you will feel pain in all body.

If you train for a long time try the harder version of this same workout.

There are 7 combos in this workout
We do each combo 6 intervals 20/10= 3 minutes

Combo 1
Jump on LEFT leg and kick with the RIGHT
Jump on RIGHT leg and kick with the LEFT
Push ups from knees

Combo 2
Body weight squats
Semi jump squats
Lunges alternating both legs

Combo 3
Row LEFT arm
Row RIGHT arm
Shoulder press

Combo 4
Pull over
Butterfly crunches

Combo 5
Straight arm plank
Elbow plank
Torso raise

Combo 6
Burpee without push up
Jump rope
Jumping jacks

Combo 7
Hands on the floor and raise LEFT leg 3 times back, 3 times side
Hands on the floor and raise RIGHT leg 3 times back, 3 times side

How did you feel this workout? Was it enough for today?

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