Full Body Strength Workout 26 Minute Core, Booty, Thighs, Chest And Back Exercises Level 3


For new readers: If you didn’t work out by now, start with the 90 day plan because the workout below is for super advanced.

If you want to see visible results, try to count calories.

If this workout is too challenging for you, try the easier version.

Circuit workout, 2 rounds, if you want do 3

1. Push up – 20
2. Row LEFT side – 20
3. Row RIGHT side – 20
4. Squat + Arnold press – 20
5. Hip raise on chair LEFT leg – 20
6. Reverse lunge LEFT leg – 20
7. Hip raise on chair RIGHT leg – 20
8. Reverse lunge RIGHT leg – 20
9. Pike push up – 20
10. Shoulder ALT side raise – 20
11. Walking lunge 2 forward 2 backward, count every rep – 20
12. Butt side raise LEFT side -20
13. Pull over – 20
14. Butt side raise RIGHT side -20
15. Triple abs – 20

Which exercise was most difficult for you?
I loved triple abs and Arnold press. After row Arnold press feels really good in the biceps.


  1. Katerina Naumova 10 February, 2015 at 13:04 Reply

    I always underestimate simple looking routines like this one. I did three rounds and I definitely feel my but and abs today 🙂 I really watched my form while doing the exercises, so I had to stop during the push-ups and rows. For the side raises and arnold presses, I had to use 4kg.
    Great routine, I look forward to doing it again 😉

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