Flat Abs, Lean Thighs And Brazilian Booty Workout 27 Minute Total Body No Jump Exercises Level 3


This workout is so pleasant, just strength exercises, no jumps.

For new readers: If you didn’t work out until now, start with the 90 day challenge. It’s really important to work out with the proper exercises for you. It has not to be easy for you, it has to be difficult, BUT possible to be done. If you are constant, you could do anything 🙂

This workout has an easier version.

Interval training, 22 intervals 60/15

1. Side lunge RIGHT leg – slide LEFT to right and squat – then other leg
2. Dive bomber
3. Abs low-high V sit
4. Single leg renegade row ALT
5. Pistol LEFT leg – if tired squat and single leg jump LEFT
6. LEFT leg side raise + RIGHT side row
7. Plank pigeon crunch LEFT leg + left leg side
8. Pistol RIGHT, if tired squat and single leg jump RIGHT
9. RIGHT side raise + LEFT row
10. Plank pigeon crunch RIGHT leg + right leg side
11. Squat + ALT reverse lunge

Did you like this workout?
I loved it. I couldn’t give my best when I was doing the pistols.

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