Fermented oatmeal (for much breast milk and energy)


The quantities of the ingredients in this recipe is big enough for a breastfeeding mom (I gave birth 6 months ago), who does not want to lose weight (yet). After I have this breakfast I have so much breast milk. Spread the word and share the recipe with women who nurse, this can help them. Thank you! And men, be careful not to get your breast milk, if you try the recipe 🙂

Side note: Not all people feel good eating breakfasts like this. Some people need fatty breakfasts. I have had genetic tests done and they proved it’s better for me to have less saturated fats and fats as a whole. During the past years I have done so many personal experiments and established that carbs as oats, rice, potatoes, legumes, fruits are great food for me. Carbs keep me full, don’t make me sleepy and after a meal like that I want to work out, to move, I feel so energized. If you feel sleepy after a meal like this, you probably have to eat less carbs and increase fats or to have carbs in the second half of the day (it’s individually as always).

⇒ I will surprise you with a few variations of a ‘grainy’ breakfasts that don’t have any grains. It’s for people who avoid grains or follow LCHF diet.


100 g gluten-free oats
1 probiotic capsule or 1-2-3 tbsp yogurt
5-10 g collagen
30-40 g almonds
2 bananas
Warm water (or you can use just yogurt)

I rarely used to have this breakfast and didn’t always soak the almonds and ferment the oats. Every day I eat this amazing breakfast since I breastfeed. I try to prepare food in the healthiest possible way when I eat it often. Read how you can prepare oats in the healthiest possible way if you often have them.

I pour warm water (max 40 degrees Celsius (100F), so it doesn’t kill probiotics), over 100 g gluten free oats and a probiotic capsule at night . In a separate jar I soak a handful of almonds. In the morning I add 2 bananas and the soaked almonds to the oatmeal.

It’s very, very tasty and the healthiest oatmeal you could prepare. The oats aren’t sour, even though they are fermented. Maybe it will get sour if I leave it for more than a night. It’s important to leave the oats somewhere warm so the probiotics multiply. In any case don’t leave it in the fridge!

Just soaking is not appropriate preparation for oats and some other food. You can’t wash them after soaking as rice for example. Fermentation is the best for oats. You can use yogurt for a starting agent, if you tolerate dairy. Just 1 tbsp is enough to start the fermentation process and leave your oatmeal in warm place, of course.

I use probiotic capsules because I rarely eat dairy. After giving birth I have some stretch in the knee and I drink collagen and rub it with arnica to heal. I feel better now.

*I’m writing pregnancy articles for women who have MTHFR gene mutations. I am ready with the first one, I’m working on the second. When I am done with all of them, I will publish the posts. Food supplements are important if you have this gene mutation. I will share my experience so you can discuss the information to your doctor.

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