Fabulous Menu for Total Beginners In Healthy Eating


The secret of getting in shape DOES NOT include eating only chicken breasts and cucumbers

You can get in shape with SUPER quick and easy-to-make meals and really enjoy them

Well, Gorgeous! 💗 I have for you a 14-day “Fabulous Menu” that will show you that your dream top shape is just in one click away!

My name is Rumi Ilieva, and I am a certified fitness instructor, as well as a lover of delicious and easy-to-prepare food.

I have worked with over 20 000 women form all over the world and eating boring food was never part of the journey to the dream body!🙂

Martha, 27, busy young woman:I started at 72.2 kg and now I weigh 53.8 kg – even I don’t believe it yet. As I wrote this line, I realized even more deeply, how grateful I am to Rumi for making me love myself and to look at myself in the mirror with love. Thank you for supporting me, for encouraging and being with me all this time. Thank you for the valuable advice! You are a true professional!”

Nicol, 26, who recently became a mother: “At some point I opened the black garbage bag where I’ve stored all my clothes from before. The ones that definitely didn’t fit me, and when I started to put them on one by one, I couldn’t believe it – I cried out of happiness. They fitted me again. Thank you, Rumi, for making me feel sexy, energetic and healthy again!”  

Maria, wife and mother:”One year later I am very happy that fate gave me the chance to meet you, lovely Rumi! You are a great professional and you know how to give courage to your clients! Thank you once again for teaching me how to eat and train smart. I wish you happiness, because you deserve it! Rumi, you make people happy!”

The Fabulous Menu is here FOR YOU to provide a varied and delicious meals that will make you feel good, satisfied and happy🤩💗

And to make it even easier for you, I have prepared a summarized shopping list of all the products needed, which you will find at the end.

This will save you time in the supermarket and you can easily do your shopping and cooking depending on how many people are in your household.

Gorgeous💗 If you still have doubts and you are not sure that getting in shape can be a delicious adventure, I’d like to reveal a little bit of the Fabulous menu for you! 💖


60 g wholemeal bread, 10 g butter, 40 g yellow cheese. Vegetables – tomato, cucumber.
40 g yellow cheese = 60 g feta cheese

Bread can be kept in the refrigerator in order to store it for a longer time.


250 g potatoes (measured raw and peeled), 15 g butter, 40 g feta cheese and vegetables of your choice (carrots, 150 g mushrooms). Lettuce leaves with cucumber, radish and green onion, without fat. 2-3 olives.

You can prepare baked potatoes. If olive/butter is omitted in the preparation of the potatoes, you can add it to the salad.
40 g feta cheese can also be replaced with 1 tbsp. olive oil/15 g butter (calorie-based replacement); 15 g butter = 1 tbsp. olive oil.

Afternoon snack:

1 apple (about 200 g), 1 banana (about 130 g) and 30 g raw nuts/tahini/chocolate.


80 g rice/buckwheat/quinoa/bulgur (measured dry), 1 tbsp. olive oil and 70 g avocado.

You can prepare rice/buckwheat/quinoa/bulgur with vegetables (stuffed peppers, for example), and you can add 1 tbsp. olive oil and the avocado to the salad (tomato, cucumber, lettuce leaves).
1 tbsp. olive oil = 15 g butter, 70 g avocado = 40 g feta cheese = 30 g yellow cheese

How does it sound to you? Are you ready to go further? 🙂

Download here Fabulous Menu


PS. For more delicious recipes, combined in different Menus, please check out here
In case you would rather get in shape with a more customized program, including the foods you love, see what kind of results we get with our Individualized Routine.


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