What Exercises Tone Arms?


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I really like the fresh FAQ series as it lets me learn a lot from you. I’ll be glad if this time you share with all of us your experience on ways to tone arms 🙂 Thank you, ladies, for all the questions and queries you leave and will leave in your comments!

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Just as it is with any body part, the way arms look depends on what we eat, on our genes and hormones, and lastly, how we work out. I believe that many ladies cause damage to their arms with nothing else but with exercises for flabby arms.

In 95% of my workouts there are no ab or arm isolation exercises. The reason is that these muscles get trained with the other muscle groups and I don’t want to overtrain them.

You can’t do pushups (to train the chest) without using the triceps (the back side of the arm).

You can’t do rows or pull ups (to train the back) without using your biceps (the front side of the arm).

That is, if you train chest and back, you also train your arms!!! You don’t need to do anything else.

How to tone arms?
If you want to tone your arms, this means that you have fats in them, i.e. you need to take less food than your actually need (calorie/energy deficit/insufficiency). Fats cannot get toned; they can’t turn into muscles either. Fats need to be burned!

Exercises training the arm muscles specially will develop these muscles only and if fats are still there, the result will be a bigger arm size, but not toned arms.

Personal experience: I don’t do any exercises to train my arms. I can’t see any reason why any woman or man should do biceps or triceps isolation exercises. The only exception are bodybuilders. I don’t like men with big arms and hardly discernible chest and back muscles. To me it means that they work out for the look only, quite unwisely though. We all have our perception of beauty, which I shall not discuss here, but do have in mind that doing arm exercises you won’t get toned arms until you burn your fats. You’ll burn fats when you change your nutrition program.

If you train your back and chest, your arms will be shaped up too. And there is no way to skip training the back and the chest, or at least I can’t think of one. In some of my workouts I’ve included arm isolation exercises for variety’s sake and because there are readers who feel good training problem zones (well, there you see what sacrifices I have to make :-D)

How to do arm isolation exercises?
If you want to increase your arms size, do arm isolation exercises.

Questions: Do you do any arm isolation exercises? Is the amount of your arm fats proportionate to the amount of fats in other body parts?

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  1. Anney 20 June, 2013 at 16:44 Reply

    I look up to you as a “Workout Diva”, have always loved to workout with your video and learn more about changing my diet from you. I am on my goal to get toned arms, I use some light weights and do push ups. I feel the burn, and they feel tighter day after day, but, I have a long way to go.
    your post is so helpful.

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