Exercises For Good Posture 10 Minute Full Body Workout Level 3


If you want not only to hit the total body but to work for good posture, you can do it with this workout (part from 90 day exercise challenge). We sit a big part of the day and this cause no good to back, core, butt and thighs. With my workout the goals is to not only exercise but to work for mobility, flexibility, strength, aerobic capacity, agility.

There is an easier verssion of this workout.

In this total body workout after every exercise do push ups (chest exercise), or exercise for upper back that develops mobility in the area between shoulder blades.

No rest interval training
10 intervals 30/30

1. 4 high knees, 4 jumping jacks
2. Push ups
3. Lunge LEFT leg, hold and dumbbell kicks, go up and pres dumbbell above the head
4. Wide stance squat, straight back, lift dumbbell side and reach up (this is mobility exercise for upper back)
5. Lunge RIGHT leg, hold and kick back (for tricep), go up and side raise dumbbels, slightly bent elbows
6. Push up
7. Weighted side lunge, alternating
8. Like 4.
9. Lie back-stand up, 2 leg extenssions, torso leaning forward.
10. Push ups.

Do you like this workout? Too many push ups? Do you like exercise 4?


  1. Katerina Naumova 3 October, 2014 at 11:25 Reply

    In my opinion there are not too many push ups, but I still had to do the last two reps off my knees. I was sore from day 3 but this day was lighter, like you said, so I was able to do my workout. My arms are still sore today, but my energy level is definitely better. I used 3 kg weights this time so I wouldn’t sacrifice my form. The weight was just right for me 🙂

    • rumiana.ilieva@gmail.com 3 October, 2014 at 11:32 Reply

      You are doing really well listening to your body! Next day is harder but we have 2 days rest after, so we must deserve it 😉

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