Enough with the whining!


Have you heard that popular joke about the man who prayed all his life to win the lottery, but he never bought a ticket? There is a lot of wisdom there! Every day I receive mails with “I don’t have time to train, I don’t have time to cook, but I want to get in shape”.

Nothing in life comes out of nowhere! You wish for it and it happens?! No, to achieve something you always have to invest time and effort. There are no results without action and dedication.

My observations show that when something is easy to be seen (such as quality, condition, etc.), we believe that it can be achieved quickly and effortlessly. However, if it is not obvious at first glance, there is no mass aspiration for it.

When you see a person on the street what do you see – how he looks like. You like what you see and you want to look good too. Or maybe that person is a genius, a singer, an artist, sews great, cooks superbly… But this is not to be seen and no one thinks about it or wants it. In order to sing, we believe that you must have a natural talent. But in order to cook or sew, we think that it comes naturally and you just can do it.

Is it a gift to be in shape? Do we carry in our genes – to be tight, with a little fat? Or is it a systematic effort? Yes, some people have this “gift” called good metabolism (it’s actually a bad metabolism, see below why). But because they can’t sing like Beyoncé, the other singers don’t give up singing. If there were 1 million Beyoncé, no one would appreciate them. If most people were slim and fit, the beauty ideal would have been the opposite. What is valuable is the one that is difficult to achieve, which is different and original. If you agree with this, then you understand the value of winning something with hard work.

You can be better at whatever you want. There will always be people who can do less or more than than you do. But if you systematically strive for something, after a certain time you will be better at that thing compare to the beginning. If you practice what you have achieved by helping those who know less than you – you develop yourself and others.

You can be useful with both your knowledge and your ignorance. Focus your knowledge on those who need it. Let others who know better than you to help you when you don’t know how.

If you want something, work for it, devote time to it. I hope you don’t expect to learn Chinese until you have no time to learn it?! Treat the process of getting in shape the same way – you take your time, you make efforts, there is a result. I use the comparison with Chinese because I find it difficult. It will not happen with 30 minutes a week of study.

Getting in shape for most people is as difficult and incomprehensible as the Chinese.

Enough grumbling – you can be better! Make an effort! Work systematically! Don’t compare yourself! Compete with yourself! You will also learn Chinese 😉

* Slim people who eat a lot and whatever they want have a poor metabolism. Their bodies can’t store fat and if there is a massive starvation they will disappear.

* Good metabolism is by eating more than necessary to accumulate subcutaneous fat. Accordingly, by eating less to burn subcutaneous fat and muscle.

* Most people who think that losing weight is difficult and slow, lose weight quite normally, even quickly. It’s just that their idea of the weight loss is different from the reality. Do you believe you can learn Chinese in a month? No?! Then why do you believe that you will be in top shape in a month 😉

* There are people who lose weight slower. I don’t know what is the reason but if it can’t be fixed, the cause is irrelevant. And It’s like giving up learning the multiplication table only because you’re learning it slower than expected or slower than the others.

Share with me in the comments below what do you want to achieve and do not have time to?

PS. When you look in the mirror and see the fat that you hate, be positive and say “Hello, my good metabolism” 😀

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