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Hi Gorgeous 🙂
They say that chance is a hidden form of necessity 🙂 Do you believe in this?

See how things happened “by chance” with Elliana 🙂 Well, she worked for her change, because if we do the same things as before, we cannot expect different results 🙂

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I have never been slim, I am not very tall as well – about 161 cm, and in my different periods I usually vary about 60 – 64 kg. After a pregnancy and the birth of my child, things went out of hand.
Work behind a desk, all the time in the car, random meals. At this height, each kilo is equal to 4 on top. Of course, like all women in the world who don’t have with rapid metabolism and extraordinary genes, I have a lifetime of dieting and switching from one sport to another. I have gone to a ladies’ gym, “normal” gym, I’ve also been to aerobics and a bunch of sports activities.
I have tried any eating regimes and diets – the Japanese miracle, Dukan’s diet, the 90-day diet, -60 … etc. Do I have to go on?
I can’t deny that I achieved good results 4 years ago, when I lost 10 kilos with Dukan’s diet, and then over the years, I returned about 5-6 of them. Then I started trying other diets, unfortunately with short term results and with lots of deprivation and compromise.
I knew I couldn’t live on a diet for a lifetime, but I couldn’t find the right balance for me and my body. I am a bit of the extremes – I eat much or not don’t eat at all, I smoke a lot or I don’t smoke at all …
I was reading everything that was coming to me, where the authors talked about “balanced eating” and sports, but I had given up.

Everything started by chance. One boring afternoon, I was reading an electronic women’s magazine and I run across an article presenting Rumi and her exercises. I realized that I have seen her site full of videos before, but they always seemed inapplicable to me.
My practice shows that I love to pay for expensive fitness cards and diets. And due to the fact that I have prepaid for a month or three, I felt obliged. I thought this will make me strict. But this is not actually true. Well, it seems all right, at least until my card runs out. Then I am promising to myself that I am going to renew it (every) next Monday. But when I go to the gym full of men lifting weights, women who came here just to start a relationship and I feel the fusty air … I turn around and go out. Till the next time, when I promise to myself that I will be regular.
When I saw that Rumi makes individual menus based on personal preferences and offers in-home work outs, I wrote her a long letter, telling her about my “experience” until now. After a few days she answered, so it all began the middle of April.
I took my measures and pictures, I bought all the necessary products, I armed myself with patience, and I get started. Together with my daughter, we started pushing one another on the mat, doing the exercises 🙂 In the evenings I was preparing the menu boxes for the next day.
At first it was difficult and annoying to measure the food, but then I started enjoying. I felt like a child who is playing and arranging boxes with various treasures. I have all the necessary conditions in the office and this helped me stick to the menu.
I can even say that thanks to Rumi, I managed to “stay alive” in a very busy working period in which I could barely afford to go to the toilet, not speaking about going out and buy a lunch.
Somehow I gradually became accustomed to the calorie deficit and it seemed super natural to me. I will never forget one evening, when I made a salad from 2 tomatoes, 1 cucumber and a handful of nuts and somewhere in between, I realized that I cann’t eat any more! I am a super glutton and never loose appetite. To be honest, I have to admit that I’ve had hard times, and occasionally at night I’ve “attacked” my daughter’s sweet treats, but the next day I ate less. I carried out the whole menu 4 times. I am not that strict anymore, but generally I stick to the main principles.
It’s important to know what and how much to eat and do the workouts regularly.
When I started exercising, I had the feeling that I could not go forward, I was gasping, I was doing wrong half of the workouts, or I could not do them at all. My weak spot were push-ups. I could barely make one. Now I am doing well and I think I will get even better!
When Rumi finished tracking my progress and analyzed the pictures, I realized what I actually have done.
During the months, my measures were gradually decreasing. I didn’t lose that many kilos (I started 63, now I am 58), but the more important is that I feel great and stronger. I remember that before Christmas 2012 I bought trousers with a size of 40, and I am currently going in size 36. My hands look super good in sleeveless blouses, my stomach is tight, there’s nothing to catch on my back. I still have to work on my buttocks and thighs, though. The most difficult is still ahead – to keep the achievements. But now I am strong and motivated and I know what to do! It is so important to find a person who is both professional and supportive!

As one of my lecturers said: “Random things do not happen by accident.” It may sound absurd that an article in a journal can change your live and the way you perceive yourself, but it turned to be reality for me!
Rumi, thank you for everything you taught me! Thank you for teaching me how to get acquainted with myself! Thank you for the endless energy you give us!

If you want me to help you find your way of being organized, fit and active woman, I am here to support you 🙂 Send me an e-mail with just 3 words ”I Want Change” and we start working togrther. I will show you that you can!

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