do do HIIT for Abs Thighs Booty and Upper Body Strength 24 Minute Workout at Home Level 3


This is a level 3 (the hardest level) workout. The goal is to do maximum perfect technique reps for 10 seconds. After that next exercise, no rest for 2 minutes. Here are all workouts of the 90 day challenge.

If this workouts is very challenging for you, try the easier version.

6 exercise combos
Do each combo 6 intervals 10/10 or 2 minutes.
The goal is to do no rest exercises for 2 minutes and after that stretch the muscles that have worked.

Combo 1
1. Burpee without push ups
2. Hide knees
3. Wide scissors jump on 3 lunge

Combo 2
1. From plank – air pigeon RIGHT leg forward – raise leg
2. Like 1 LEFT leg
3. From low plank – butt left-right and push

Combo 3
1. From reverse plank on RIGHT leg – raise LEFT leg
2. Hands on the ground raise backwards RIGHT leg
3. Like 1. RIGHT leg
4. Like 2. RIGHT leg

Combo 4
1. Hands on chair – jump knee to abs
2. Hands on chair – straight leg jupmp
3. Basketball jump

Combo 5
1. Asymmetric push up
2. Wide push up
3. Dive bomber

Combo 6
Do the exercises 3 rounds in a row with the same arm.
1. Row LEFT arm from squats
2. Renegade row LEFT arm
1. Row RIGHT arm from squats
2. Renegade row RIGHT arm

Which combination did you like the most?
I liked the the second combo, my abs were burning. The push ups combo was almost impossible for me. It’s not like I didn’t do more push ups, but today push ups were a challenge.

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