do do 10/10 Total Body HIIT 30 Minute Workout Burn Fat And Build Endurance Level3


Gorgeous, I love do do workouts. They look kind of easy and make 10 seconds look like eternity!

There wasn’t an easier version of do do workouts up to now, but this time there is a level 2 do do workout. The difference between level 2 and 3 is that there are 3 seconds to change the position.

For new readers: if you have never worked out before, start with the 90 day challenge because the workouts get harder every other day. After you finish the challenge join to the weekly programs which I publish.

If you work out regularly and don’t see results in the mirror you have to change something. May be you will try to count calories.

This workout has an easier version.

11 exercise combos
Do each combo for 6 10/10 intervals without rest.

Combo 1 – cardio, legs, abs
1. Jump on LEFT leg, with bent RIGHT leg
2. Jump on RIGHT leg, with bent LEFT leg
3. Jump squat + feet clap

Combo 2 – shoulders, abs, chest, cardio
1. Mountain climber
2. LEFT side plank – slide down-up elbow tuck
3. RIGHT side plank – slide down-up elbow tuck

Combo 3 – thighs, butt, cardio
1. Jump lunge LEFT leg
2. Jump lunge RIGHT leg
3. Frog claps

Combo 4 – back, abs
1. ALT renegade row
2. Plank LEFT arm to opposite leg + forward raise
3. Plank RIGHT arm to opposite leg + forward raise

Combo 5 – abs
1. Leg raise
2. Ankle touch
3. Boat hold

Combo 6 – chest, shoulders, triceps
1. Push up
2. Dive bomber
3. Diamond push up

Combo 7 – butt LEFT side
1. Side raise
2. Back raise
3. Reverse plank on LEFT leg – butt raise

Combo 8 – back
1. Renegade row LEFT arm
2. Renegade row RIGHT arm
3. Upright row both arms

Combo 9 – butt RIGHT side
1. Side raise
2. Back raise
3. Reverse plank on RIGHT leg – butt raise

Combo 10 – abs, cardio
1. Plank LEFT knee to left-right arm
2. Plank RIGHT knee to left-right arm
3. High knees

Combo 11 – thighs
1. Squat
2. Sumo squat
3. Plie squat

Which combo was most difficult for you?
I was challenged by push ups and dive bombers combo.


  1. Katerina Naumova 22 January, 2015 at 13:14 Reply

    I am so proud for doing this workout twice! The air is highly polluted in my city and I’ve decided to walk less so I guess I had some extra energy yesterday 🙂 Combo 4 and Combo 6 were the hardest for me. Combo 3 was pretty tough as well because my legs are always tired since I have to wear heavy boots 🙁
    The 10 second interval is a great idea because I switch exercise often and in the end I see that I’ve done a 2 minute interval without taking a break!
    I also liked the new exercises, very creative and effective.

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