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Hey, Gorgeous 🙂

The phenomenal Denitsa is in front of you 🙂 Words are superfluous – her change is Wow! She achieved it in 2 months, but I don’t want you to put the pink glasses on – what happened to her is very rare 🙂

Denitsa looks radically different, but she knows that it’s not just the look that she has changed. The vision is the result that is measurable, but the victories are on all fronts!

I was very impressed by the last point of what she listed – “I’m happy”

Happiness is achievable, that’s right, it’s not something that comes down to us from somewhere 🙂

If you want to be happy you have to work for it! 🙂

Send me an email with 3 words only “I want a change” and we’ll start together 🙂 See what the lifestyle change program includes.


My name is Denitsa and I am 35 years old. I am the mother of a wonderful 7-year-old boy, I can say that I am happy professionally and socially, but until recently I was not happy with myself at all. Not just the way I looked, but also healthy, physically, and hence, of course, emotionally.

I want to share with you a little background. I can not say that I had serious problem with my weight (most of it was during and after pregnancy). I haven’t tried different diets over the years – I’ve always followed one, I guess many of you are familiar with it – the 20-day fasting diet of a famous Bulgarian nutritionist, a “fan” of the fruit starvation treatment.

In fact, I came across to this nutritionist in 2004 because of a health problem with my tonsils. I was convinced that fruit treatment solves all problems. I really stopped getting sick. Eventually, I found out that with this diet you can lose weight very quickly too.

And what I was doing – I feel overweight – starvation. After 20 days – a false feeling of a better figure, which was actually “losing” the excess water in the body, a terrible hunger for all sorts of junk food and making plans from the 1st day of the diet which foods I will eat on the 21st day. I trained at times, mostly in gyms (now I realize that “my” workouts were never right), I allowed myself to trust every “instructor” – take el carnitine, take fat burners, take this and that…

Until about the age of 31-32, things seemed to be ok. I thought that I was “controlling” the situation – hunger, then eating, then hunger again… I didn’t eat all day, in the afternoon I was feeling sick, and in the evening it became scary – junk food and going to bed right away… It was a vicious circle. I don’t know what happened with me exactly, but realized that I have to change my focus. And that I have to stop thinking about the next starvation diet, but about the fact that I really have a problem with the food, diet, lack of exercise and everything else.

In the last 3-4 years I found and another problem – my limbs, stomach and my whole body started to  swallow (especially in the summer heat). Of course, I went to specialists – nephrologist, vascular surgeon, endocrinologist. The results were not below or above the norm – everything was normal.

I even heard comments – drink, smoke and enjoy life – everything is fine! I kept doing the tests regularly – the results were always the same as the first time. Gradually (after much reading and digging, articles and opinions) I began to understand that part of this problem is not drinking enough water, overeating with carbohydrates, a lot of salt… However, even when I increased the amount of water, things did not improve. I was less and less able to endure the fruit diet. I felt more and more tired and exhausted (swollen body, terrible PMS breast tenderness), not to mention how I looked like (supposedly not very overweight, but with cellulite, saddlebags, belly…). This spring I felt the worst – I gained more weight than ever, but this time I wanted the solution to be something different than starvation.

I had read about Rumi – it came out quite often on Facebook. So I looked at the site, the reviews, the results of the other girls. I had nothing to lose at this point. I wasn’t desperate or anything like that, I just wanted to find a solution that was really effective and long lasting. One that will teach me how to eat right, how to train the right way to achieve results, to feel good physically and healthily.

My decision was final after trying on jeans in the mall, where I actually saw myself in those lighted mirrors… I did not like the view :))) Rumi answered to me immediately – we quickly clarified the details, the menu, everything that is important and I need to know . While preparing my plan, she advised me to have a look at different types of nutrition on the site, as well as the training program for beginners.

Of course, I did it – I focused on the LCHP diet, along with training. My goal was -13 kg. After my regime came, I started to follow it strictly – I followed the quantities, the rules, the substitutes, everything that had to be followed. I “flooded” her email with all sorts of questions, and I got an answer to all of them, without worrying about whether I asked about something in a previous email or not, whether my question was stupid or not. Rumi answered to everything. I don’t know, if it was because I ate my favorite things or because of the huge choice of options and ideas, but it was very easy for me personally to follow my meal plan.

I never stayed hungry. I started having breakfast (a huge achievement :))). I trained every day. From the very beginning, I was impressed that my skin began to clear of cellulite, became more radiant and healthy. As the time passed by, I started to notice that I had muscles under all this stuff :))) Maybe it’s important to say that all the time I didn’t allow myself to eat anything out of meal plan or eat more than I needed.

It has happened to me that I can’t eat my portion for the day (because it’s quite a lot), but not more. And everything became a habit – from buying the right things from the store, through measuring the food on the scales and training every morning. And it wasn’t annoying, exactly the opposite – it was great. I passed the levels in about 4-5 weeks. Some were really very difficult for me, but not impossible. At first I thought I would never be able to jump for more than a minute or do more than one proper push-up :)))

Now the cardio is for “hello” and the push-ups are more than 15. I already train with the advanced level. It’s amazing to me how your body can change when you find the right way and how your attitude towards food can change in general, the sense of what should and shouldn’t be part of your menu. Not only when you’re on a diet but in general – as a way of life. I don’t want to make you bored, but lastly I want to tell you what the “meeting” with Rumi, her constant support, guidance and advices have brought me:

– My limbs no longer swell, including now in the summer;

– I do not feel breast tenderness before menstruation;

– I do not feel terrible hunger – the one that makes you devastate the fridge;

– I eat live, healthy food, incredibly delicious dishes and desserts;

– I run like an athlete, climb stairs and walk a few kilometers without feeling tired;

– I do not have cellulite (!!!);

– Wearing clothes XS size;

– I’m happy :)))

I’m so glad I wrote to Rumi. For me, these are the most cost-effective funds – ever :)))

I am writing all this to motivate those of you who think there is no way out. There is – and it is for life 🙂

Thanks again to Rumi – for the support, the faith, the great motivation and all the help to make me feel exactly this way!

Thanks 🙂 „

Think about the things you want from a meeting with me and share it by sending me an email with only 3 words “I want a change”!

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