Day 82 of 90 – level 2 and 3


Gorgeous, an ab workout was wanted from me for years. I didn’t shoot such workout because, if you do only abs exercises, you can hurt yourself. But we also work for a strong core in this workout, which includes not only the stomach but also the back. The abs really get tired, and we do other muscle groups exercises instead of just sitting like this. So we have not only a really brutal abs workout, but also a total body workout.

For new readers: we follow the 90 day challenge for regular workouts. Read more about the challenge and then start from the beginning with day 1. Here is the list with all workouts day by day.

The plan for today:
If you don’t have enough time, do less rounds of each part.

We alternate front and back bending in the workouts – this is the balance way of training.

Level 3 – if you want, do level 2 after it, I shot them one after the other.

Level 2 – if it’s very difficult for you, stop the video and run in place and after that keep doing the workout.

Do you like this kind of workouts?
I loved it, although working out for the abs is not my favorite. I had muscle soreness from this workout, but it wasn’t brutal, I had to try to do it better 😉

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