Day 8 of 90 – level 2


Ready? For a wonderful week with great workouts for the best results 🙂 We start with a little bit easier workouts, after the two rest days, to prepare for the hard workouts in the end of the week. The plan below is part of the 90 day Challenge. You can find the list with all workouts here.

If you workout regularly and don’t see the results you want, probably the reason is the quality and quantity of food you eat. If you want you can try to count calories.

Today’s plan
Workout 1 – 30-60 seconds rest
Workout 2 – 30-60 seconds rest
Workout 1 – 30-60 seconds rest
Workout 2 – 30-60 seconds rest
If you want and have time, you can repeat one more time both workouts

Workout 1
Quick Cardio Workout And Thigh Toning Exercises

Workout 2
Quick Tank Top Workout + Outer Thigh Exercises With Saddlebags Toning

What do you think of this combination – was it easy/hard?


  1. Lola 16 January, 2017 at 19:18 Reply

    I have lately ha issues getting started again after rest days so this was indeed perfect for easing back into the routine! I loved workout 1! I’m a sucker for active leg stretching:)

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