Day 78 of 90 – level 2 and 3


Gorgeous 🙂 a new week is on, new workout, new challenges that we will get through 🙂

I already think up the final workout for the 90 day challenge. The structure is in my head, it’s something interesting which we’ve done before. I just have to choose the exact exercises. The workout will be around an hour so we will burn calories. If you want to burn calories working out, you have to train long. Short workouts have other goals – keep our muscles toned, health benefits, building habits.

For new readers: we follow a training program for 90 days. Our challenge is to train regular for 90 days, but we’ve promised to do it. You can join us anytime, because there is no better time than now 🙂 I’ve been through this and that’s why I tell it 🙂 You always have many things to do and no time 🙂 Relax and accept the fact that you’ll train as long as you can – one day only 5 minutes, the other 20 or 40 minutes. The most important is to train! Not because you’ll lose weight but because after a workout you feel great and you’ll see how Gorgeous you are. The feeling after a workout is just great. So don’t think too much, you don’t need anything. Just play the day 1 video and do it as long and as you can. It’s not important to be perfect, it’s important to be happy. You’ll be happy if you work out regularly. I remind you to start from the beginning, because we’re on day 78 and exercises get harder. You’ll do them after you get stronger.

The plan for today:

Level 3 – if you have time, do 3 rounds (each round is about 11-12 minutes).

Level 2 – if you have time, do 3 rounds (each round is 12-13 minutes).

How long is the longest workout you’ve ever done? Did you like it? What kind of workout was it – cardio, strength, or …?

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